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How Will All These Injuries Affect WWE Moving Forward?

During an email discussion, fellow WNZ colleague John Deegan recently pointed out that each and every superstar who walked out as champion at last year’s Wrestlemania is now currently on the injured list. This includes the tag team champions, as well as the Divas champ. It’s a fact that has been noted on this site, as well as other wrestling news websites, and social media; yet, it is still a disturbing fact, nonetheless.

John Cena, Daniel Bryan, Cesaro and Tyson Kidd, Nikki Bella, as well as Seth Rollins; all relatively young, however, none can be called pro wrestling rookies. You add Sting, Randy Orton, Wade Barrett, Sin Cara, and NXTers Sami Zayn and Hideo Itami to that injured list … and it still keeps growing. recently reported that Sasha Banks is out for an undisclosed injury; and it was also recently reported that Konnor, of The Ascension is out because of an injury to his jaw. The list goes on and on; and I’m sure I’ve missed someone within this mix (without a doubt, you WNZ fans will let me know).

Sure, this is a bit of bad luck on the WWE’s part, not having four, top main eventers, when they need them the most, with Wrestlemania 32 right around the corner; but will this have a domino affect to in-ring performance moving forward? Let’s face it, as the years have gone on, we have seen an elimination of certain moves in order to reduce the risk of injuries; more recently, with all the heat the WWE is experiencing as it relates to concussions, the Curb Stomp, Seth Rollins’ signature move, was removed from his repertoire. We have seen in-ring performance in general toned down for television, with high-risk moves really saved for pay-per-views. With back-to-back injuries post-Wrestlemania title wins, even Daniel Bryan has been criticized for taking in-ring suicide dives from fans, wrestling legends, and others; being advised to try and use a safer in-ring style.

However, are most of these injuries due to high-risk manoeuvers? I would say no. Some seem like ‘bad luck’ (i.e. Tyson Kidd, and Sting), others simply wear and tear as they say. You can’t physically place your body on the line for about 300 days out of the year, year-in-and-year-out, and not expect some sort of future repercussion. So while I speculate on in-ring performance moving forward, and how the WWE Brass will re-strategize as a result of these injuries; on the other side of things, how will injuries weigh in, when it comes to pushing talent, or even recruiting talent for NXT?

We’ve seen the WWE bring in fresh faces, especially as it relates to the divas division, however, where the men are concerned, it seems NXT has also attracted a slew of Indie darlings and international pro wrestling sensations by the likes of Kevin Owens, Finn Balor, including the injured Zayn and Itami. These are wrestlers that are starting their WWE career with at least 10 years plus experience behind them. The good news with this, is they ‘know the ropes’ and speak to the NXT audience; the bad news is, they have taken incredible risks with their bodies during their early pro wrestling days, which will eventually catch up with them. While the WWE is seemingly open to inviting older talent to re-enter their stable (Samoa Joe, The Dudleys, Tommy Dreamer, Ryno), it seems solely for the purpose to help push younger talent. It does make sense, but it also makes me a little cynical about the buzzing news of AJ Styles and other Bullet Club members signing with the WWE. Will they bring, and stay true to their characters, or will they be mass produced, and watered down for WWE audiences (whether they land on the main roster, or head to NXT).

I’m not doubting Wrestlemania 32 and its entertainment value as it stands right now. There are so many factors to consider, so many things that could happen between now and then, and wrestlers who could debut into the company, and talent who could return from injury. Still, could all these injuries just be bad luck the WWE is experiencing? Perhaps it is overly due diligence as it relates to injuries because of past lawsuits and controversy? Regardless, with the attitude of ‘we can’t take anymore chances that this will happen again’, one can’t help but speculate that this will affect in-ring performance moving forward. The real question is, will it affect the talent WWE choses to sign with in the future, or how they decide to push said superstars once they enter the company.

WNZ fans, what do you think? Leave your comments below!

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  • Fat Owens Fat

    Only a returning Kurt Angle at the Royal Rumble can save Wrestlemania now.

    • Bite Me You Loser

      He got another DUI on the way over….

  • Meg Matthews

    Tbh I don’t think it looks like an interesting rumble based on the guys that were on stage the other night if they are indeed all in the rumble (not saying the match itself won’t be interesting given Reigns is defending in it)I think they need a major shock entrant to come in & it whether be it kurt angle or someone else would be interesting to see them in the final 2, I would say win had it been a normal match

    Is there any big names kurt angle aside or anyone who was in Tna that isn’t there now that could be a surprise entrant? Would love to see AJ styles be an entrant but guess it’s too soon ?

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