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How Will Returning Main Eventers Affect The New Era?

Wyatt Family
For a while now, the WWE Universe has somewhat gotten use to a missing John Cena, Randy Orton, Bray Wyatt (the rest of his clan), and Seth Rollins. Do we miss them? Depending on who you are, and which superstar I am referring to specifically, I’d say overall, yes. Have we still been entertained without them? Absolutely! Especially in light of an incredible post-Wrestlemania season that has seen some NXT stars bumped up to the main roster, some Bullet Club members thrusted into the main event scene, and a little change up in who is running Monday Night RAW.

It’s a pretty neat dynamic right now, and a good time to be a wrestling fan. Seeing Enzo and Cass debut, with Colin Cassidy stepping into the forefront of things after Enzo’s injury at Payback has been a nice and refreshing change of styles and talent in the ring. I love the Vaudevillians gimmick; and its nice to see newly formed factions emerge (with stables that have a solid history) via The Club and The Bloodline. Even the women’s division has seen an up rise in talent, solid programs, and new stars steps up. But how will a returning Cena, Orton, Wyatt Family, and Rollins affect this so-called “New Era”; especially when it seems they are all returning at the same time.

In some ways, it will enhance it; and in other ways, I’m concerned it may slow down some of its momentum. We saw a huge gap left wide open, as main eventers were picked off the roster due to injury – still this gap widened over time. Orton was out in September of last year, followed by Rollins in November. Then we had Cena out in early 2016; with Luke Harper following suit in March of this year, and then Bray in April. I’m sure WWE Creative has thought of a strategic way of streamlining all these top names back into action, and as we head into SummerSlam season. As WWE second largest pay-per-view (PPV), storylines will intensify, and perhaps even some part-time wrestlers will come out from the shadows (I’m looking at you Brock Lesnar and HHH) to help hype up the event. Which is great, but what happens after all the ‘surprise’ returns. More importantly, what happens to the talent that helped carry the roster, storylines, and events since? Will this insurgence of older, more established names scratch away all that the new era has unravelled?

It’s hard to say. I’ve missed all the injured wrestlers that have been away from WWE programming, but I’ve also been highly entertained in their absence, since Wrestlemania; and that is largely due to the newer superstars that have hit the roster (I’m including Styles, Cesaro, and Zayn in that mix), and thanks to other established talent that have not hit the injury list (but stepped up) like Kevin Owens, Charlotte, Natalya, Dean Ambrose, and Chris Jericho. Will the slew that’s coming back make it feel same-old/same-old, once the shock factor of them being back fades away? Will fans be disgruntled with a John Cena push, and forget about Roman, what’s his name? Will AJ Styles and his Bullet Club buddies get forgotten in the mid-card? Will the women’s division once again become ‘just about the divas title’ with no thought into storylines?

Perhaps the WWE can pair up some old, with some new? Maybe a John Cena versus Styles program; Orton going toe-to-toe with Cesaro; Seth Rollins (Triple H’s old golden boy) fighting Kevin Owens (Triple’s new kid on the block); and finally, perhaps the Wyatts can mess a little with the minds of the McMahons.

I guess only time will tell, and as I mentioned before, I will try and have faith in Creative. They’ve been knocking it out of the park since the “New Era” has launched, and doing very well with creative programs. Hopefully with the return of older talent, they won’t fall back into their old ways, creatively.

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  • Bite Me You Loser

    One person I’m a bit surprised that WWE quickly forgot was Apollo Crews. They hyped him up, fed him the Social Outcasts and afterwards he just kinda fell off.

    • cp munk

      I totally agree. I liked their slow build with this guy but now it’s like they forgot about him. I was hoping rusev would beat kalisto for the US title and then have crews fued with rusev and see where it goes from there

  • Mikey Shango #DunDunDuuunnnnnn

    I don’t think Bray is a main eventer lol I don’t know what he is anymore

    • Joe

      He’s not the main guy,hes not the bottom guy. He’s just the bearded,crazy guy.

    • Dorathy

      I felt he was slowly getting there … lol maybe just wishful thinkgin on my part!

    • ‘Drowen Hart #NN #NBNC ?????

      He’s not a good guy. He’s not a bad guy. He’s supposed to be the guy… Until you injured him with your curse…..

      • Mikey Shango #DunDunDuuunnnnnn

        well he wasn’t doing anything before I injured him so why not lol. And I have turned over a new leaf lets just let bygones be bygones. water under the bridge. what happens in the past stays in the past and all that. :)

        • ‘Drowen Hart #NN #NBNC ?????

          I don’t BOLIEVE you

          • Joseph Lisnow

            bo dallas needs a WWE shirt.

          • ‘Drowen Hart #NN #NBNC ?????

            He does have one lol.

          • Joe Lisnow

            a better one.

  • Barooq Kidd #POP

    #LetBrayBeGreat *sways arms in the air from side to side* I still believe dammit lol!!

    • ‘Drowen Hart #NN #NBNC ?????

      “Put your arms down”- T-Rock

  • cp munk

    The second to last paragraph sums up perfectly how I feel. Styles vs cena, Owens vs orton, zayn vs orton, cesaro vs orton, Owens vs rollins. So many good options to fill out the future!

  • Si Nicholls

    I would have Bray come back on Sunday, unintentionally help Roman retain after trying to cost him the match and set-up a Bullet Club V’s Wyatts V’s Family feud and maybe bring in Devitt and Lance Anoai to even up the numbers

  • IM MAD JOHNSON #NewNation

    “Roman what’s his name”? ??????? see that’s why I love you Dorathy

  • James Fields

    If I was creative half are coming back as faces, who has come back from injury and was heal, i start with Seth Rollins he never was pinned during match for the belt, aj vs roman Seth comes out attacks both alot fans boo roman reigns already, john cena very tough he be booed out get go have him come out and how it fill good be back and have Apollo crew come out say something about the new era, dang Orton wow I would like see him come out while Stephanie giving a speech leading hunter come back, and finally following the buzzards don’t like them as faces, have lights go out during Cesaro and zayn match and him going for ic belt but just me, women’s they shouldn’t mess with them but tweak it a little let them wrestle take more chances like what a male wrestler would do.

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