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What Will The Rock Do At WrestleMania 32?

Serious question, ladies and gentlemen. What will The Rock be doing in Dallas in a week?

Honestly. His presence at the event was announced long ago. Months back. And nary a word has been said since, outside of some vignettes that have played over the last couple weeks, reminding people that he’s going to be there.

I have to admit, based on how the announcement was first teased, and then made…I was expecting more. I had figured we’d get a Rock-on-RAW appearance by now, but nothing thus far. Which has me wondering…what will The Rock be doing?

There are plenty of things to speculate about, of course. Many may assume he’s going to be involved in some way, shape or form, outside of just running to the ring, climbing the turnbuckles and lifting up his arm for the crowds. But will he be?

For one thing, last year’s segment will be hard to challenge. On one hand, Hunter is kind of busy this year. On the other? Well, I am pretty sure Ms. Rousey is laying low, and her boss sure made it sound like appearances like she made last year from Santa Clara wouldn’t be allowed anymore. No worries, you can’t go back to that too many times before it gets old, right?

So what about guest hosting? Unlikely, really, because I think if that is all this appearance was for, they’d be hyping it more, much as they did when Rock did the guest host thing already.

For my money, I see two obvious ways he comes into play.

Option one, they tie him to the Reigns/Hunter match. I figure Hunter ends up doing something nefarious and The Rock runs down to help out his family. The downside there is, if Reigns won in part because he got outside help, it would only further weaken Reigns. Not sure WWE is dumb enough to do that. Now, on the flip side, what if WWE went back to their creative well just a little bit and had Reigns get injured in some fashion, which then got The Rock to come out and check on Roman. With Rock at ringside and Roman appearing to be OK, but unable to continue, Hunter decided to provoke the Brahma Bull, and we get an impromptu match for the championship. Thank you, WrestleMania IX. I have to say for me, right now, this is my favorite.

Option two, he’s going to interject himself into Hell In A Cell. Over the past few days, as I’ve worked on some “best of” WrestleMania pieces, it reminded me of just how long The Authority, in one form or another, has been involved. Like, going back to WrestleMania’s teen years. Could Austin and The Rock come back to reprise their roles? Could one or both be in McMahon’s pocket again? Or will they both remain babyfaces and spurn the boss? I think such a move would certainly have people talking for a good long while, and there likely aren’t many fans out there who think the Hell In A Cell match ends without some form of a run in.

To paraphrase The Rock….it doesn’t matter what he does when he steps foot inside AT&T Stadium. It only matters that he’s come back to WrestleMania, and it’s likely going to be epic.

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  • MikeLo #DunDunDuuunnnnnn

    Layeth the Smackdown

  • 12345678

    segment w/ Mcgregory,Trump or HBK

  • Deano Wilkins

    HHH v Roman breaks down into a wild brawl with interference all over the place. The crowd erupts as The Rock makes his way down into the ring only to Rock Bottom reigns and gift the win to Hunter. Summerslam main event is set.

  • Zohaib Hassan

    I am not sure wwe would make Reigns more weak than he already is, but my guess is that Rocky will make his way to the ring during WWE Championship match to stop outside interference from Authority and this distraction will allow Reigns to capture the wwe championship and thus begins the era of Cena 2.0… meh

  • Bryskers

    He’s probably gonna cook something

    and then leave.

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