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Who Will Sasha Banks Pick?

I will admit it. I love when WWE uses the old “mystery partner” schtick. It doesn’t happen all that often, especially not like they are doing with Sasha Banks. Most times, it seems, it’s on RAW where, at the beginning of the show, there’s a tag match announced, and someone has till the end of the show to find said partner. But with Sasha, we are getting time to build suspense. This is great. It makes me happy. The last time I think I felt like this was when we had a mystery partner for Ambrose and Reigns going against The Wyatts at SummerSlam, and that choice was a wee bit disappointing.

So, who might Sasha pick? There are a few options, each making sense to some degree or other. Let’s pick through a few of them, shall we?

1. Bayley

She’s the most popular choice, but Ms. Banks has already said no dice. Now, of course, that could just be intentionally throwing people off the right track, but I think this one is truth. Bayley would be awesome, and it would be a cool way for her to debut, having not been drafted. But she could overshadow Sasha, and by all accounts, Sasha is next in line…so I don’t see Banks’ partner being Bayley at this point, just because WWE won’t want to diminish her spotlight in any way.

2. Nikki Bella

She’s not retired yet. She’s posting cryptic messages on social media. And she certainly has a bone to pick with Charlotte. So this one seems like a good fit, plus she’d likely be a popular surprise pick. Not the most popular, as I think that would be Bayley, but I think if Nikki’s music hit, I think it would get a decent enough pop. Will she be? I’d say the odds are decent here.

3. Naomi

Another one ready to return, and posting cryptic messages on social media. I think this one would be¬† a most interesting pairing, though I think Naomi would be just as likely to want to attack Sasha as to tag with her. Naomi might not want to share the spotlight, or appear to be playing second fiddle…but at the same point in time, it’s a match against the Women’s Champion, so that won’t be overlooked. I think it’s probably between Nikki and Naomi at this point.

4. The Wildcard

Only because this one catches all others. I think there’s a chance that Sasha goes and gets someone like Eva, or even recruits Nia Jax for a night (wouldn’t that be interesting). But I don’t think it’ll be a massive stunner. If Natty hadn’t snapped and gone heel, she would have been the easiest choice, but now we get someone different.

I will say this. It’s kind of cool to see the Women’s division in a place where a returning wrestler gets buzz like this. It used to be we only saw this for the men, so seeing this for the ladies is pretty cool.

WNZ readers, who are you expecting to join Sasha on Sunday?

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  • Mike

    Bayley would he incredible, I think it will be her. However if somehow it is nikki I’ll take that, she is good,
    She wants it and she has passion for the wwe. I do think she is good, she has vastly improved on the mic and in the ring since being with cena.

  • Dorathy

    I think its Bayely or Nia. Maybe even Asuka? What are the chances!

  • Si Nicholls

    I always thought it will be Paige, she’s not up to much atm, last time Paige and Sasha fought off Charlotte and Dana, and she’s been drafted too Raw with the other 3.
    As for Bayley I think her début should be in a singles match, possibly at a bigger PPV like Summerslam, but she will be drafted to raw.
    Naomi I can see going to Smackdown and she’s always been midcard, I can’t see that changing now, no sense in having her in this bout
    Nikki’s neck sure would be tested in a bout with Dana and Charlotte, the vast majority of their offence is neck heavy, so I can’t WWE throwing her straight into that
    The wild card is Nia Jax, just drafted, a cousin of Rock and Roman, so her stock is going to be artificially high anyway, and a high profile bout for her Début
    So on analysis, my money is on Paige or Nia Jax

    • xXwindsofchangeXx

      Paige seems to have fallen out of favor with the WWE brass. They put too much pressure on her too soon and then gave up on her when she couldn’t meet their absurd expectations. (But maybe she returns to form somewhat with a two-show format and doesn’t get crowded out so easily.) Nia Jax, I think, is a natural heel, and is a bit green, on top of that. They may like her, but I don’t think they’d put her in a PPV in her first match. They’re either going to slow-play things and bring her in as another heel’s muscle after the fact (maybe Charlotte ditches Dana Brooke or vice versa after this match and takes on Nia Jax instead) or establish her as a singles threat right after this PPV.

      There’s no one I can think of that would elicit the sort of reaction that would warrant WWE keeping her identity hidden until the moment of the match. My guess is that it’s someone WWE fans would recognize but isn’t currently on the official roster.

  • Zack

    I absolutely doubt this would happen but just for the sake of entertaining ourselves. – Sasha Banks is a huge fan of Eddie Guerrero. If she could have a Guerrero as her partner such as Shaul, that might be her dream come true.

    Another one that I would highly doubt but it could be verrrry interesting to see. She could bring in the woman who trained all 3 of those women to wrestle, Sara Del Rey. It could be a one off appearance if they wanted it to be but also show that we got a SDR match in the WWE record books. The teacher vs students could be a cool in-match storyline.

    But again, I’m just entertaining myself. ?

    • Mikey Shango #Retired

      To bad WWE to lame to do this lol

  • jcice13

    EVA????? really EVA??? when I posted it the other day I was being ‚Ķwhat’s a word for sarcastic but 100 times worse???? that’s what I was being‚Ķthere can not be any way on this earth that Eva Marie with her herman munster walk and zero ring skills will be tapped to work this match, she shouldn’t even be the time keeper can you imagine the let down if Sasha announced her name and she walked down to the ring and took the air out of the entire arena and then hear the cascade of boos ??? if would make one feel like a deaf mute compared to the biggest yes cheer of Daniel Bryan’s career.Eva Marie, come on man do you think Vince is that bad a booker? and doesn’t she get heel heat big time in NXT? why put her with the company’s biggest face on the women’s side?

    • xXwindsofchangeXx

      “Do you think Vince is that bad a booker?”

      • jcice13

        well that’s tough question, on the one hand do I think he’ll have Eva Marie as the pick for Banks? damn I hope not, a few days ago I kiddingly said it will be Eva and now I see her name mentioned as a possibility? my comment was sarcastic but this guy says she’s a wild card??? so no I don’t think Vince is that bad..but I do dislike a lot of his booking and enjoy other parts of it.I realized long ago that he is not writing for the true wrestling fan, he’ll give us bits and pieces but he has a target demographic and we’re not included in that‚Ķhe makes his money off of kids and good for him, he’s in business to make money and I understand that..case in point..all the years Cena has printed money for him, all his shorts and hats changing colors like 4 times a year etc he’s raking it in with 2 hands..now for me? I can’t stand Cena but understand his position in the company, but how great would a heel turn be for him? anyone else would have turned long ago and it would be a big angle and allow Cena to branch out and do different promos and such..but it won’t happen because he makes too much money..so no I do not like Vince’s booking because I’m too old and been a fan way too long..I enjoy creative angles that are logical and that take time to do and I think that looking back when you see angles like that those are the ones that stand out in history..especially after the turn and the explanation matches the turn and shows the steps how it came about

        • Joseph Lisnow

          Forget Eva. Just make it a handicap match.

          • jcice13

            I wasn’t the one who made her a wild card choice talk to your boy Deegan

  • It Begins kid

    I know this ain’t going happend but How awesome would’ve been if it was Lita volunteered to be Sasha’s partner.

  • xXwindsofchangeXx

    WWE’s gotta have something up their sleeves to use a ‘mystery partner’ for a women’s match. Anyone we know with ties to WWE that’s recently left/been released from another promotion and is on the open market?

  • Michael DeSorbo


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