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Will Vince McMahon’s Announcement Change Things Up?

It was announced on the April 25th edition of Monday Night RAW that Vince McMahon is set to make an announcement at WWE’s Payback pay-per-view (PPV) concerning the fate of Shane McMahon running RAW … once and for all.

Regardless of what he will announce, there is some good news around this. First off, it will tie up that ever-so-loose end of Shane running four RAWs in a row, despite losing to the Undertaker at Wrestlemania 32. To be honest, it didn’t really bother me too much, as I find Shane quite entertaining. However, I also fully expected him to disappear from WWE programming post-Mania; so closing the loop on this will help to also close the chapter on Shane’s return. Now when I say that, I’m not implying that Shane is going anywhere, but whether he stays or goes; his character needs to move to another storyline.

Which leads me to my next point … what will Vince’s announcement be? When Stephanie mentioned the announcement in the opening promo, my first instinct was: this shall be a lame, time-wasting promo, presented right before the main event, and I should schedule a bathroom break at this point. Then I really got to thinking about this. While there are many different scenarios that could go into play here, my thoughts are:

Opening Up A Storyline

This really could be just an opener for a Shane versus Stephanie program. The WWE Universe digs Shane getting the better of Stephanie, and there is nothing like sibling rivalry on a billionaire level. This makes me think that Vince will announce he’s all flip-floppy on who should run RAW, and perhaps a match at WWE’s next PPV, Extreme Rule could determine the person who runs RAW. Except, this time Shane would face Stephanie’s husband, who has aa much of a vested interest to insure The Authority stay in power. It’s no secret that Triple H has caught the wrestling bug once again; participating in some matches while the main roster was overseas in Europe, and with both men training for WM, they are both in enough shape for a stellar match. Could make for an interesting program.

Brand Split

Lots of comments on social media about this one. There seems to be a buzz about an impending RAW/SmackDown brand split that ran quite well in terms of storylines in the early 2000s, right up until 2011. Now, there are pros and cons to this. Pros are: the fun draft nights, the surprise flipping of superstars from RAW to SmackDown (and vice versa); not to mention some superstars would gain more television exposure thanks to a smaller roster split between both brands. Downfall? The brand-specific (lame) PPVs, and the fact that those superstars drafted to SmackDown do seem like tier-two talent (I’m not implying they are, but SmackDown is not RAW, and it will never be RAW). Still, with the ever-growing main roster, and NXT talent nipping at the heels to enter the WWE, it does make sense. Perhaps this is also an opportunity to breakdown demographics. NXT has experienced tremendous success while targeting and knowing their audience. Sure, WWE is enjoying a PG-era right now, but how many little kids actually stay up until 11ish p.m. on a Monday Night to watch RAW? With a brand split, this may allow the ability to target demographics more, add a little edge to RAW, and appease some long-term fans who would like to see more; and have their intelligence insulted less.

Shane Just Fades Away

This is my least-favorite scenario, but still a possibility. I was always under the impression that Shane was back in the WWE, short-term. It’s been awesome to see him on RAW, but perhaps the Payback announcement from Vince is just a way to say goodbye to Shane, and close this chapter completely. Because he’s been on RAW (four weeks in a RAW); a proper explanation is needed. If this is the case, he and Steph will mock Shane as he exits; just gaining more heat for their heel characters.

What do you think Vince’s announcement will be at Payback on Sunday? Leave your comments below!

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  • bigfoot3169

    My guess would be that Vince allowed Shane to run Raw to see what he could do but also he saw how far he was willing to go with his cage stunt. So he wants there to be a brand split and put Shane on Smackdown to bolster that show. Shane initially refuses until a fight is suggested between either HHH vs Shane or representatives for each “faction” will decide who runs what. Winner gets Raw while loser gets Smackdown.

  • Bite Me You Loser

    Vince make Triple H vs Shane at Extreme Rules winner takes all. However Shane decides he’s gonna have Cena compete on his behalf.

  • Si Nicholls

    Smackdown may not of been Raw. but when they had Taker, Edge, Vicki etc on Smackdown it was a much better show than Raw, I’m hoping for a brand split, there are too many wrestlers now on the main card and the repeating of matches/feuds on both shows means a lot of good talent are getting lost in the mix.

  • Zack

    I initially wanted Steph and Triple H to come back leading up to Battleground but due to these circumstances, that won’t happen. I’d still split them both up with one taking Raw and the other Smackdown but if I could enjoy a nice curveball move, I’d like Vince to make them both Co-GMs of Raw. Vince will try to be the dad and encourage them to work it out but they’ll spite each other much like Austin-Bischoff. And THEN after several months of this, they erupt and can’t take it anymore and so then we’re back on the Battleground track, wanting a match for total control of Raw. The loser of said match will go to Smackdown (and continue their sibling feud across 2 brands now). Then another chapter at Survivor Series and perhaps that’s the conclusion or maybe conclude it at WM33. But whatever, at least I’m not Ravens ?

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