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Will Wrestlemania 32 Lack Storytelling?

While I have been off of WrestleNewz this past week, I certainly have not strayed far from WWE programming; and it has been an interesting week in the world of sports entertainment. A lot has happened: I’m still reeling off of last week’s RAW, not to mention Roadblock (Nattie and Charlotte tore the house down; and Ambrose and HHH had an incredible match). With Wrestlemania 32 only two weeks away, storylines, angles, and programs are sure to only get that much more intense,  as the we all head further into WM season.

And I am genuinely excited about WM 32. The Undertaker, Shane McMahon, and “The King of Kings” the WWE World Heavyweight Champion and headlining the show, blood ruling WWE programming as of late; it seems like the WWE Universe has time travelled back to the Attitude Era in a lot of ways, where we are once again enjoying some small windows of greatness, and reminiscing about what once was. Understandably, bringing in some older superstars to hype up Wrestlemania makes sense, considering the ever-thinning roster thanks to injuries; it seems that the WWE is tapping into their WWE legends contracts looking for some saving grace when it comes to WM 32. Mick Foley is rumored to participate in some capacity, “Stone Cold” Steve Austin is set to play a role, and of course The Rock has been promoted for the flagship event since late 2015.

Then, there is always the potential of seeing Sting on the ‘Grandest Stage of Them All’, as apparently he has not retired from wrestling after all, unlike reports that flooded the internet last week, claiming so. Perhaps the WWE Universe may also get surprised with a Kurt Angle return as well; as there was word that he and Triple H may (or may not have) have had a secret meeting during the International Sports Hall of Fame event earlier in March.

I love the idea of watching older superstars from the Attitude Era entertain, but will this be enough to break records? Is the WWE almost overdoing it when it comes to creating non-wrestling roles for these popular (yet older) superstars in order to compensate for a missing Seth Rollins, John Cena, Cesaro, Nikki Bella, and as it seems now, Neville? (I’m sure I’m missing more than a few names on this injury list as well).

As a member of the WWE Universe, I marvel at the storytelling that unfolds, as well as the pro wrestling aspect within programs. Hand-in-hand, both provide are integral when it comes to a feud; the ability to relay a story, by doing so in the ring. However, with some older superstars playing a non-wrestling role within the flagship event, where will the storytelling take place? Will there be a concrete connection to something, or really are the names there (I’m looking specifically at The Rock and Stone Cold) to fill the seats. The fans may be entertained with a 15-minute promo to gear the live crowd up, and fill up some time … but will it all be fluff, with no real substance? In Mick Foley’s case, he’s passing the proverbial barbwire torch (still get goosebumps thinking about his promo last week with Ambrose), but how much more of a role can he play in the Lesnar/Ambrose story, without it becoming irrelevant?

Then, we have the Shane/Taker feud; and I do hesitate to point this one out, only because the story is still unfolding. However, raise your hand if you are still confused as to why The Phenom is doing Vince McMahon’s so-called ‘bidding’? While the answer to why will probably be explained at ‘Mania, the reason why Vince chose the Deadman remains a mystery. If Vince is a heel, and The Undertaker is face, why did McMahon feel he could just name the Taker as Shane’s opponent, with the confidence in knowing The Deadman would just do the job?

A solid program of any kind relies heavily on the relationship between a strong storyline, in-ring chemistry and performance, as well as superstars that can work off of each other during a promo. Yes, the other matches slowly forming on the card have some pretty compelling storylines attached to them, and they forming quite nicely leading up to the event. I’m not opposed to bringing in Attitude Era folks into the fold, and on some levels, the WWE needs these talents to sell WM 32 tickets. But I’m wondering if they have fully thought about each superstar’s role in the event?

I guess I’m wondering if the WWE perceives the name of said talent to be bigger than the recipe that has made the organization big in the first place. I’m wondering if this Wrestlemania will be the one to go down in history as being saved by the Attitude Era, yet lacking any true storyline, in the end.

WNZ fans … I have missed hearing from you! It’s been a long week away, and I’d love to hear your thoughts (the good, the bad, and the ugly!) Leave your comments below!

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  • Lisa

    The build up to this year’s Wrestlemania is probably the worst I’ve ever seen. Having attended all Wrestlemanias since 2004 I’m definitely in a position to gauge the atmosphere ahead of this year’s event and to say the very least, it’s not looking good.
    The card itself hardly looks Wrestlemania-worthy. To be honest it looks more like an Over the Limit (remember that horrible PPV?) card. This is even more disappointing considering that WWE is hoping to break the all-time attendance record by drawing over 100,000 fans.
    The only match that I feel is worth watching is the Undertaker-Shane McMahon bout. I have my Wrestlemania ticket but I’m seriously considering giving it to my aunt who has never had the privilege of attending a Wrestlemania event.
    WWE certainly has a lot to do over the next two Raws and SmackDowns to give us a reason to watch Wrestlemania 32.


    Last year I was excited about this wrestlemania,when I heard they were going to try and go all out. It seems that plan has flopped…Ill still watch it,but at this point its just another ppv with more people. Ramen Rainz couldn’t wrestle a broomstick,so here’s hoping somehow they don’t have him win. I fully expect BRICK LASNTAR to win,WWE gotta protect that investment right? As well, the battle of two 50 year olds in a cell,now that’s gonna be GREAT….idk…I’m being cynical on purpose so that way if anything is good,I can be happy,and if its bad….well I didn’t get my hopes up

  • Kevin

    Maybe Vince chose undertaker because they might be going back to the Corporate mistery days and then Shane will join the authority to take the WWE from Vince because he is on the edge and getting old but Vince won’t stop then soon Roman will join his side so that way Vince can boost him up higher in super stardom. (Damn I could work as a WWE Creative Writer)

    • biz

      Yeah except that sounds like a terrible idea. Oh wait, you could work as a wwe writer

  • Mean Dean

    Considering that sting may very well show up at mania(besides just his HOF induction) he’ll most likely show up during the undertaker vs Shane match, not just because everyone wants to see undertaker vs sting, but the fact that Shane “bought” WCW back in the day, giving sting and Shane a special connection

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