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Who Could Win The 2016 Royal Rumble?

Wyatt Family
Really, it’s anyone’s game during this Sunday’s 2016 Royal Rumble match, but there are some superstars that are more in contention than others. Here’s my top picks! (*disclaimer* – some choices are ‘hopes’ and others may be true contenders).

Bray Wyatt

I’ve already written an article about this, so I won’t go that in-depth on this choice. Simply put, Wyatt might not win this Sunday, but in my opinion he should. Some reasons for this: he’s over with the fans, him holding the WWE World Heavyweight Championships provides an opportunity for some interesting storylines moving forward, he’s got the muscle of the Wyatt Family to back him up, and he’s the total package when it comes to talent (has the promo skills, in-ring performance, and solid character confidence).

Triple H

He’s been MIA since the brutal beating he took at the hands of Roman Reigns post-main event match at WWE’s December pay-per-view (PPV), Tables, Ladders, and Chairs (TLC): which makes a surprise entrance (although no one will be really that surprised) during the Royal Rumble match, inevitable. Without listening to recent whispers that it may just be Triple H versus Roman Reigns at Wrestlemania this year, the idea of Triple H costing Reigns the title at the Royal Rumble isn’t far fetched. This would allow the two to go head-to-head at WWE’s flagship event, without closing the show; because as much as I am of fan of both men, and a huge long time of HHH, he’s past his prime of closing a show. Alternatively, it is not that far-fetched that Triple H may win the Rumble (after all, Vince did it in 1999), the title, and head to Wresltmania’s main event, against Roman Reigns (with The Rock as special guest referee perhaps?). Even after all these years, Triple H could still put on a solid match. Would it be fair for him to take that coveted Wrestlemania main event spot, with so much talent waiting in the wings, dreaming to do what he has done, so many times in the past? I’d say, if the storyline is compelling enough, what’s best for business comes before what is fair.

Daniel Bryan

Okay, this is more wishful thinking than anything, but with the backstage buzz and rumors that Daniel Bryan has been cleared by all other doctors, except WWE ones; one can’t help but wonder if this is all a work? Daniel Bryan entering the 2016 Royal Rumble would shock the WWE Universe, but him winning the match? I think it would blow the roof off the Amway Center in Orlando. Is this scenario plausible? I don’t think it is. Unfortunately, bringing Daniel Bryan back in this way would completely pull the rug under Roman Reigns feet, and abolish the recent momentum he has built around his character. No skin off my nose, but the WWE seems smitten on Reigns to be the next face of the company, and nearing the end of 2015, it seems that they have been able to successfully accomplish this goal with the superstar.  Bringing DB back, and potentially not having him win the Rumble, may even affect Roman’s momentum; and bring back a lot of negative feelings about the Rumble in general. It’s a toss up. DB would have to be medically okay to wrestle, which seems like a toss up in itself; and then Creative would have to walk a thin line around what they would want his character to accomplish in a return. If he won, that would be cool; but if he lost, it could blow another Rumble PPV.

Roman Reigns

The storylines surrounding Reigns as of late, is showing the young superstar defy all the odds; and the story around the Royal Rumble is just another way to build up Reigns’ heroic persona for the fans. Placing his WWE World Heavyweight title on the line for Royal Rumble; something that has never been done in WWE history, (yet is comparable to Flair’s Royal Rumble win in 1992, when the title was vacant, and the match was to determine the new champion). Speaking of Flair, that year he drew number 3 in the match; however, the McMahons fixed it so that Reigns was #1 to enter the Royal Rumble. It’s entirely possible that Reigns will win, ultimately continuing the build-up of his character, and placing him in the history books to boot.

So, WNZ fans, who do you think will win this year’s Royal Rumble? Who do you hope will win?

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  • Victor82

    I hope Daniel Bryan is not in the match. If he is in, the rest of the roster are screwed because the crowd is going to boo anybody else that wins the match. If the doctor clears him, which I doubt, wait for his return until Monday’s Raw.

    • Joseph Lisnow

      I don’t think he’s returning any time soon, if at all.

      • jeff

        Joe, I still think he’s been cleared for months. This is a big work. He’ll be a surprise entrant.

        • Joseph Lisnow

          I don’t think it’s a work. Thought Punk’s exit was a work; I very wrong there. We will see Sunday.

    • MikeLo #NewNation

      I hope he doesn’t he returned around this time last year

    • Lisa

      Bryan is damaged goods. No chance he’ll get cleared to wrestle.

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