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WNZ Mock Draft: Best of the Undrafted

Zack Ryder
No one wants to be picked last, but in this case, the ones to make this weren’t picked at all. Meaning, that as Dorathy and I did our mock drafting, neither she nor I selected any of these for our brand. As such, we’ve identified a few talents each, whom we deem the best of the undrafted.


The Miz w/Maryse

Fully knowing that the WWE World Heavyweight Champion and the WWE Women’s Champion will be prominent on both RAW and SmackDown, there hasn’t been much said about the mid-card titles, and what happens to those talents who hold these titles. Will they be drafted to a specific show or be on both brands? With this area being gray, I did choose Rusev in my ‘honourable mentions’ round; I may have been wrong to do so. Regardless, The Miz and Maryse do land in the ‘best of the rest’ section for me. Sometimes these two get a bad rap, but I will say; they know how to get people riled up, and they do know how to work a crowd. Both are solid heels in the WWE, and either brand would be lucky to have them.

Samoa Joe

Just last year in May, Samoa Joe debuted at NXT TakeOver: Unstoppable, and the internet exploded. He’s an incredible talent, with a huge fan base; and is more then ready for a main roster call up. While he is currently that NXT Champion, it wouldn’t be the first time an NXT superstar holding a title got the main roster call (and answered it) – and really, I wouldn’t be surprised if the WWE decided to add him to either SmackDown or RAW. He’s got experience, he knows his way around the squared circle, and in a wave of excitement that the draft is brining, adding his name to either show would create a tremendous amount of hype.


Carmella still has a little way to go before being called up to the main roster in terms of wrestling ability, but many times the women are brought up a little sooner than expected. Many were surprised that she was left in NXT, when team mates Enzo and Cass were called up. Definitely a fine choice to not only bulk up the women’s division on any brand, but if Carmella would be called up, it would be a perfect reunion for these three NXTers if she joined Enzo and Cass as their manager.

The Lucha Dragons

WWE’s tag team division is gaining tremendous momentum; and I would hate to see this fizzle, due to the draft. It does seem the company has been adding duos like Golden Truth, and Breezdango to the roster, which give me hope that once the brand extension takes place, each show will have a solid tag team division. One tag team on my radar, and one that always puts on some incredible and high-flying matches, are the Lucha Dragons. Tag teams didn’t get much love in my mock draft, only because John and I were picking one superstar at time; and there were certain teams I did not want to split up. While the Lucha Dragons did not make the top of my draft lists, they are definitely on top of mind, when it comes to the draft and tag teams.


Naomi is one of the most athletic female wrestlers on the roster today. Sadly, due to injury and a slew of NXT call ups; she’s gotten lost in the mix recently, and has even fallen off my radar. Here’s hoping that once the brand extension draft is settled, Naomi can head back into action and on television, before she loses all relevancy. She truly is a talent in the ring and on the mic; and post-draft, I truly hope she has an opportunity to shine.


Big Show:

Shocked to see him listed? I suppose I am too, but the reality is, he’s still big, he’s formidable, and he’s a giant. So even if he was around for the occasional gimmick match and some hand shaking and photo sessions? He’s still viable, for now.

Zack Ryder:

A former US Champion. A very recent (if brief) Intercontinental Champion. And he wasn’t drafted at all. Maybe it’s a travesty, maybe it’s indicative of his career in WWE. Highs and lows like you wouldn’t believe, but if he got a solid program and a chance? Watch out. And yes, I still truly believe that.

NXT Creative Team:

This is, admittedly, more a tongue in cheek choice, but if they were draft eligible they’d be nearly at the top of the list. They are an impressive group that have been writing for the best WWE show, week in and week out. Wanting them on my show is just a no brainer.

Jack Swagger:

Here’s another guy, not unlike Ryder. Except, this guy is a former World Champion, for crying out loud. He’s big, he’s strong, and even now, he still gets crowds chanting “we the people”. As much as WWE wants to push Rusev as the anti-American beast, I think WWE would be wise to push Swagger toward becoming the patriotic slayer of the beast. Like, even going to Lex Express extremes (though, hopefully with much better results).

Eric Young:

OK fine, so he’s not technically under contract yet, but assuming he’s interested, I would be angling to get him on the roster. Every roster needs strong veterans, and this man is the epitome of that.

Chris Jericho:

Maybe I am crazy, because I swear I don’t recall Dor or I drafting him, but if no one has, I am calling dibs. If he wasn’t picked, I would chalk it up to his part-time type role, but I’d still love to know that, if/when he feels like working again, he’d be doing so for my brand.

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  • BigBen1980

    Dorathy, Did you not get the memo that they are bringing in a second world championship? The women’s and tag teams are the only floaters. Pay attention. they have been calling it the WWE Championship for weeks now. And far more reputable sites than this one have confirmed that there will be a second world championship. Catch up.

    • jcice13

      OUCH lol

  • jcice13

    this draft is about as BS as BS can be…not only doesn’t it makes sense??? it makes no sense, and the explanations the announce team was giving it was even bigger BS than the picks.not to mention the banter between the 4 at the podium was asinine..

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