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WNZ Mock Draft: The Final Picks

Xavier Woods
Call these the best of the rest (maybe), but we are rounding out our final round with five more picks each. There will also be a true “best of the rest” section, for the best of those not picked, for whatever reason. But with that said, let’s dive in and wrap things up, shall we?

RAW-Pick 11:

Roman Reigns

In light of his 30-day suspension, it was hard for me to place Roman Reigns into my top ten picks. Two weeks ago, he may have been in the top five, and now? He makes it at the top of my honorable mentions list. In all fairness, Reigns was the guy for so long, and has received a tremendous push, for quite a while now. Placed in the main event match for two consecutive Wrestlemanias to boot. Still, the guy has been suspended, and is currently off for a violation within WWE’s Wellness policy, and it is hard to say where he goes from here. Will he continue to linger in WWE’s main event scene, or will brass strike down hard on  him because of his actions? Will Roman come back, harder than ever, and prove haters wrong? I cannot say. It’s a good sign that he is still being advertised in Battleground’s main event (as of this writing), but, he could end up being booked terribly in the match, at punished for his actions, at the end of the day. Only time will tell.

SD-Pick 11:

Alberto Del Rio

At this point, you really do have to say “wow” at some of the guys that hang around. Del Rio is one of those. A former world champion, he’s a proven talent who has had WWE success as both a heel and a face, though you have to believe he does his best work as a villain. It just seems to come so natural to him, and strong heels are always in demand.

RAW-Pick 12:

The New Day

The challenge with picking the first ten superstars, was the fact that I stayed away from some amazing tag teams, because, I didn’t want to chance splitting them up. The New Day is a faction that works really well together. While there has been a tease of some dissention in the works (whether that be Xavier Woods becoming a weak link in the group, or flopping over to the Wyatts); I love the chemistry between Kofi Kingston, Big E, and Woods. I’m also hoping that in the long haul, these three stay together, post draft.

SD-Pick 12:

The Vaudevillains

For this round, we are grabbing whole tag teams. And while I was fortunate enough to secure both Enzo and Cass and The Wyatts, there’s always room for more good tag teams, and these guys are just that. They will help ensure that SmackDown has a top flight tag team division.

RAW-Pick 13:

Darren Young

I’m actually quite a fan of Darren’s. I met him last year at a live event, and he was one of few superstars that actually came up to the fans and took photos, signed autographs, etc. With promos between him and Bob Backlund (another all-time favorite), I’m looking forward to just how great Young will become, post draft.

SD-Pick 13:

Apollo Crews

He’s good enough that you could have taken him anywhere before this one, and been able to defend the choice. He’s strong, he’s agile, he’s athletic and he just works a good match. I think he’s suffered a bit since his callup, both by being overshadowed by some of the actions, and by being put in a lackluster feud with Sheamus, but there is no denying his talents, and he will shine on SmackDown.

RAW Pick 14:

Titus O’Neill

With an extremely positive attitude, O’Neil not only does a lot for the company when it comes to philanthropy – his size, athleticism, passion for the business, and the need to do his best, explodes every time he enters the ring. Yes, he’s come off the cusp of a 60-day suspension, and whether you agree of his penalty or not, a majority of the WWE Universe have showed their support of this superstar, and he was certainly missed during his two-month absence. Here’s hoping WWE brass noticed as well. I’m hoping to see big things for this superstar, once the brand extension hits.

SD Pick 14:


It’s just a matter of time before The Man Gravity Forgot, flies again. While his injury was gruesome, his work up until that point was stellar. A guy like him, makes a GM like me, want to bring back the Cruiserweight title.

RAW Pick 15:

Rusev (with Lana)

To be frank, Rusev (and Lana) are not my favorite superstars on the main roster, but I can acknowledge their talents, and the benefits of having them on RAW. Rusev is a brute, with raw aggression, and a phenomenal heel. With Lana now on Total Divas, having them on the show can help promote that WWE project

SD Pick 15:


This was one of those where, he’s out there, he’s done a lot in his time in WWE, and I think with some new writing his character could thrive again. Call this a classic move of buying low and potentially selling high. Worst case, he doesn’t turn things around and toils on my mid-card. At the end of the day, that needs bodies too, so there are worse things for me to draft, right?

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  • Deano Wilkins

    I guess for series of articles it wouldn’t have worked but in reality it’s unlikely to be picked on a wrestler by wrestler basis. I am sure they have the outline ideas for both shows and what they want to achieve with the selections.

    I assume raw is going to be keeping the status quo so would expect cena, reigns, seth, Orton, shaemus, new day, Enzo and cass, wyatts etc to find their way onto this show.

    Far more interesting is smackdown with DB and shane in charge suggesting they are going for the (can’t think of the best word) so will go with knowledgeable crowd. I guess this will be trying to sit somewhere between nxt and raw and seems ideal for the likes of Kevin owens, AJ and the club, ziggler, sammy z, jericho and throw in Joe, balor and nakamura.

    Maybe that is just wishful thinking on my half though as until tomorrow morning my time none of us will know I guess.

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