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WNZ Mock Draft: Meet The General Managers

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As everyone knows by now, WWE has decided to re-split the brands, running separate rosters for SmackDown and RAW beginning on July 19th’s debut live SmackDown. And with this split comes not only a pair of commissioners, as we learned on RAW (Stephanie for RAW, Shane for SmackDown), but we also will be getting two new general managers, reporting to those announced commissioners. So, we at WNZ decided we would get in on the fun, and take a stab at who we expect to be running the shows when things begin to run independently of one another-and why we chose them for their specific shows.

Joining me on this endeavor will be Dorathy Gass. Once we’ve identified our general managers, she and I will then engage in our own mock draft of 15 Superstars, 5 Women and a supplemental draft, just to get an idea of how a possible split could shape up, and what feuds the new rosters could produce. I can tell you it was fun putting this together, and we hope you enjoy it as well!

Here are Dorathy’s ideas for possible GMs:

Monday Night RAW

With Stephanie as the official commissioner on RAW, and her comment at the end of the July 11th show, referring to her husband Triple H, as ‘The Game’; an obvious choice for RAW GM would HHH. The dynamic of Stephanie being somewhat HHH boss would be an interesting watch. Still, that does seem too obvious. Other choices? I say, Eric Bishoff. I know, I know, sounds crazy, or maybe too predictable: but the angle could be the fact that Stephanie, who is a lot like her dad, can recognize when to put her negative feelings aside for someone, and do what’s best for business. The chemistry these two had in the past, onscreen, was incredible, and there might just be a chance to reignite all of that again. Another pick, which seems lame, but could work, is Corporate Kane as GM.


Now, it may seem odd that I’m doing this, but my first two GM picks for RAW, may just be my first two picks for SmackDown as well. How could HHH go against his wife, and become SmackDown’s new GM? Well initially, to do ‘what’s best for business’. Stephanie will have a tantrum, Shane will gloat, and there will be friction between Steph and HHH in the coming weeks. After a while, maybe even months into running SmackDown, little hints will pop up, that Triple H is secretly sabotaging SmackDown (to help elevate RAW for Stephanie) – and boom: match booked between Shane McMahon and Triple H at Wrestlemania. The other idea is bringing in Bishoff to SmackDown. Again with a focus to antagonize Steph, and resurrect her feud with Eric (brand versus brand feud, except this time, Eric is running SmackDown) seems plausible too. My last pick for SmackDown’s GM? There has been rumors that it just might be Daniel Bryan, because of a mishap on WWE.com; and that seems like a pretty interesting scenario. What about a left-fielder like Hulk Hogan – or someone the WWE Universe fully does not expect?

Regardless, I think that if it isn’t someone as predictable as Bishoff or HHH (for both brands) it will be someone way out of left field.

And John’s:

Everyone knew that Shane and Stephanie wouldn’t be going away, so WWE was either clever or lazy by adding yet another management layer into things, allowing them to have surprise names after all-because, honestly, who DIDN’T expect Shane and Stephanie?

That being said, I think Hunter would be an obvious choice for RAW, basically getting The Authority back in power. Question is, would that be allowed to happen, with Hunter already serving as COO? I do wonder. If it isn’t Hunter, I have a couple ideas.


1-Stephanie. She’s shown she loves the attention, and she believes she can capably run the show, so why would she want a GM under her, when she already knows what to do? I don’t think this happens, but all the same, it would not surprise me.

2-Eric Bischoff. People were waiting for him to be brought back out during the parade of old/bad GMs, but we had no Bischoff. This one would certainly get people talking, but I am not convinced he’s even worth the trouble. Let’s leave him to making bad/fake reality biker shows, shall we?

3-Kurt Angle. This is my left-field idea, for sure. But he’s basically shown to be willing and ready to return home to WWE, and it would give him a way to ease into a final feud before retirement. Maybe GM isn’t a good fit for him, but it would certainly let him be seen often, without beating himself up constantly.


1-Paul Heyman. Why? Because the man knows how to run things, that’s why. As long as you keep him away from things like the day to day finances and payroll? You’re fine.

2-Hulk Hogan.You want a holy sh@# moment? You’d have it in spades if, on Monday, Hogan’s music hit as Shane went to announce his GM choice. Is it likely? Is it even remotely possible? I wouldn’t bet on it, but this one just might make sure folks tune in on Tuesdays. Though, Hogan already did the GM role for TNA, so if he were to do it again for WWE, I am sure they’d be razzed for it.

3-Mick Foley. Why Foley? He’s still hanging around WWE, but hasn’t done a whole lot in front of the cameras. Now, he has his WWE Network show debuting in August, so what better way for some cheap plugs than to have him function as GM for SmackDown?

For each show, I am thinking Hunter and Heyman would make the smartest moves. Could you imagine then, if Lesnar was drafted to RAW, and his advocate was GM for SmackDown? Could be quite interesting to say the least.

So, WNZ readers, what do you think? Who should we see as GM for each show?


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  • Zack

    Since Steph picking HHH was so obvious, I figured that to put a spin on it, Shane gets to pick the GM first and picks HHH to Steph’s dismay. Either way, a heel Commish-heel GM and face likewise on the other show, it’s too one dimensional so hopefully something different than expected happens.

  • http://salutethemiddlefin.wix.com/middlefinger The Middle Finger

    Raw – Eric Bischoff (notice how he didn’t make an appearance like other past GM’s? Maybe there’s a reason for that)
    SmackDown – Daniel Bryan

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