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WNZ Mock Draft: The Next Best Picks

Wyatt Family
We’ve already covered the top five picks by each show in our mock draft, so we are now getting to see each show’s GM pick their next choices as they round out their rosters. Since RAW went first for the opening five picks, the SmackDown GM will be kicking off this round with the opening pick, and moving on from there.

SmackDown-Pick 6:

Finn Balor

Call me crazy, but the Demon, also dubbed the NXT Icon, has proven to be incredibly valuable. Which, to me, means he’s perfect to pick here and help really build out the SmackDown brand. He’s not the biggest guy out there, but if you’ve been paying attention (for a while now) some of the most exciting guys in the business have been the merely “average” in stature. I am OK with this trend, as Balor and others like him can burn down the house.

RAW-Pick 6:

Shinsuke Nakamura

I’m a little obsessed with NXT’s Shinsuke Nakamura: his style, his wrestling, his character … not to mention his entrance music. I would love to see this superstar head over to the main roster, sooner, rather than later. If I was in charge of RAW, I’d want him on my team. Not only would he enhance RAW storylines moving forward, his matches would become a must-see phenomenon, come pay-per-views.

SD-Picks 7 and 8:

The Wyatt Family.

Dor and I made a bit of a trade/arrangement for our 7th and 8th picks, seeing as I had earlier selected Bray Wyatt, and she chose AJ Styles, we decided that in this instance, rather than risk breaking up the factions, that we would just make sure that these stayed together. And why wouldn’t I like this move? Currently the Wyatt Family is engaged in a feud with the current tag team champions, New Day. They’ve done quite a bit of damage since they all came together, so having the trio on SmackDown is just best for business.

RAW-Picks 7 and 8:

The Club

Just like any drafts (WWE or likewise), there tends to be a bit of deal-making in the process; and WNZ’s mock draft was no different. John and I struck up a deal of sorts, and I landed Gallows and Anderson. Because, sincerely, what is AJ Styles, without his Club friends?

SD-Pick 9:


This one I was sweating, ever since making Big Cass the final pick of the opening round. But I am ecstatic that Enzo Amore lasted as long as he did, allowing me to keep my current favorite tag team together. Even if he couldn’t wrestle (and he can), his mic skills alone make him a worthy pick.

RAW-Pick 9

Dolph Ziggler

I’m a  huge fan of the Dolph Ziggler’s – always have been. Ziggler has seen it all and done it all in the WWE: two-time World Heavyweight Champion, four-time Intercontinental Champion, U.S. Champion, one half of WWE’s tag team champion, and was also Mr. Money in the Bank in 2012. RAW could use his fire, talent, and show-stealing ways. As a fan favorite, you can always count on Ziggler to not only stir up the crowd, but he’s also incredible in the ring, and on the mic. As of late, the WWE has been using this veteran to help newer talent over, and at the end of the day, Ziggler has always been consistent at entertaining his fans inside that squared circle. To boot, with his social media savvy, he can also help stir up fan excitement for a program, outside the ring.

SD-Pick 10:

Ausin Aries

Here, this one is just easy. Aries is along the same line as guys like Balor, Joe, Nakamura and others. Meaning that, while they toil on NXT, their career indicates that they are more than capable of playing with the big boys on the main roster. I think getting Austin up to SmackDown would give him the best and biggest stage, and provide ample opportunity for some great feuds. Win win for the fans, if you ask me!

RAW-Pick 10:

Baron Corbin

I’ve had my eye on Barbon Corbin for a while now. At six foot, eight inches, and over 300 pounds; Corbin has the looks that the WWE is looking for in a top guy. Add in his aggressive attitude, and you have a future top heel, about three years in the making. Corbin exploded onto the main roster scene earlier this year, with his shocking Wrestlmania 32 debut, and win. He’s had some solid matches since, as well as a strong program with Dolph Ziggler. When John and I initially were going back and forth about a potential draft, Corbin *almost* made my top five list. Needless to say, he’s number 10; and I personally can’t wait to see what’s in store for this incredible superstar, come the real draft.

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