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WNZ Mock Draft: Top 10 Women

In keeping with the mock draft, we’ve had our general managers make their selections for the women’s division. In this mock, each of the GMs was allowed to select five women, and current WWE Women’s Champion, Charlotte, was not to be drafter as the champion will be able to appear on any and all shows. So with that said, Dorathy, picking for RAW, has the first pick!

RAW-Pick 1:

Sasha Banks
Since her WWE debut in July 2015, the WWE Universe simply cannot get enough of Sasha Banks. With chants of ‘We Want Sasha’, whenever she is absent from the ring, it’s got to be a little bit frustrating for the other female competitors to hear this, when they have a match going on. But how can anyone be surprised? Banks simply kills it in that ring: with NXT matches against Becky Lynch and Bailey becoming some of the best matches the WWE Universe has seen (women’s or not); not to mention how she, Lynch, and Charlotte stole the show at Wrestlemania 32. She’s undeniably the alpha female face in the WWE right now, and it is my hope, that she will soon add ‘WWE Women’s Champion’ to her pro wrestling resume. It is for these reasons, and many more, that Sasha Banks is my #1 female pick, for RAW.

SmackDown-Pick 1:


For me, this was a no brainer, especially with Banks off the board. While Bayley has not been on the main roster yet, she was already a part of the now-fabled NXT Four Horsewomen (every other member is now on the main roster). She’s worthy, she’s deserving, and you need only watch an NXT match or two to realize the appeal she has with fans. It’s easy for me to see how her popularity could just explode on the main roster, and I consider her to be a worth first selection for SmackDown.

RAW-Pick 2:

Becky Lynch

To be honest, Charlotte would have been my number 2; but then I was reminded that as WWE Women’s Champion, she would be appearing on both shows. Needless to say, Lynch wasn’t too far behind. I love Becky Lynch; her in-ring techniques, her mic work, and her character. I do see future Women’s Champion in the cards for her, some day, and if I were Stephanie, she’d be a welcomed addition to the RAW women’s division. She has more than proven she has what it takes to carry her own on the main roster, and has connected with the fans.

SD-Pick 2:


Arguably, I could have gone with Paige as the top choice, considering her resume. It’s not often someone wins their division’s highest prize in her debut, but that’s what Paige did. She’s almost been lost in the shuffle since the Divas Revolution happened a year ago, but I blame that partly on WWE’s Creative team not having a clue as to how they can strongly book more than a couple women at a time.  As the division grows, and the roster depth increases, you are going to see more and more feuds running concurrently. It used to basically be “who is chasing the title”, whereas now we can have smaller, but just as good, feuds with no title involved. Regardless, Paige will make a fine addition to SmackDown’s women.

RAW-Pick 3:

Nikki Bella

I know it still may be ‘iffy’ on whether or not Nikki Bella can compete, post neck surgery. Still, this WNZ draft is a mock one, so in a dream world where Nikki could come back to wrestle; I’d recruit her to team RAW. As the star of Total Divas, and the new reality T.V. show, Total Bellas, Nikki could help keep the casual female demographic tuned into RAW. The Bella brand in itself has a huge fan base, and with Brie retired, there are many within the WWE Universe who miss seeing both sisters in the ring. It would be a different dynamic, with just Nikki in the ring, but having one Bella on the RAW roster is better than no Bella, and could help quench this thirst.

SD-Pick 3:


If you’d asked me a year ago? No way do I make this pick. But, that was when we all remembered Emma’s ridiculously goofy dancing fool gimmick. Thankfully, that gimmick has been done away with, and the new and improved Emma is much more intense and a worthy adversary. Considering her aloof gimmick had her come off all sweet and innocent, positioning her now as a heel is not a bad move at all. I think she’s done a great job with her rebuild, and once she’s medically cleared she will be yet another addition to the SD stable.

RAW-Pick 4:

Nia Jax

I love NXT’s Nia Jax. Her look, her character, her promos, and her in-ring techniques are unique to anyone else in the female division right now; NXT or main roster. She’s a beautiful brute, with aggression, and could really play a solid ‘enforcer’ role within RAW’s main roster; a role that Tamina really dropped the ball on.

SD-Pick 4:


Color me surprised that the reigning NXT Women’s Champion made it down this far, but I was tickled pink when given the chance to make Asuka my pick here. She’s another woman who captivates audiences with her skillset and intensity, and even if she isn’t really drafted up to the main roster in July of 2016, she’s going to be on it soon enough. From where I sit, there is no better time than the present, so up she comes.

RAW-Pick 5:


I’ve always been a fan of Natalya, and while I prefer her as a face rather than a heel, the fact of the matter is, she is an incredible wrestler. Not only has she remained a constant, in this ever-evolving female roster of the years; she’s done it with passion and commitment to the company and her craft. In my opinion, she would make a fabulous addition to either roster. Still, as ‘acting’ (imaginary) GM of RAW, I want her on my roster – and she hits number five on my list.

SD-Pick 5:

Dana Brooke

OK, this might be my dud of the bunch, but we all have to be allowed one, and I couldn’t decide. I suppose I could have opted for someone like Summer Rae or even Lana, but I went with Dana because she’s newer, shes a fresher face, and I think she’s going to be a lot better than those other ladies. Will she be great? I don’t know, I am not Vince and I don’t have a crystal ball, but I have a feeling she’s going to be, at a minimum, very capable in the ring, especially as she gets more comfortable in there.

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