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WNZ Mock Draft: The Top Ten Picks

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Hopefully you’ve been following along as we mock up the brand extension. Dorathy Gass has taken on the role of RAW Commissioner Stephanie McMahon, and John Deegan will be assuming the role of SmackDown Commissioner Shane McMahon.

With that said, we will each make our first five picks of the draft, alternating between RAW and SmackDown. Based on discussions, it was decided that Dorathy, as RAW Commissioner, would pick first. With that said, here are the picks!

I’m excited to be Stephanie for a day, and running RAW. Here are my top five draft picks. May I say the emails between John and I got pretty intense, and I think both top five rosters look incredible! Here they are:

#1 Pick (RAW): John Cena

I originally picked Dean Ambrose, but thankfully John reminded me that the WWE Champion and WWE Women’s Champion will be featured on both brands. Needless to say, ‘the face that runs the place’ was (technically) my number 2 pick. He’s undoubtedly one of the most popular WWE superstars in the company’s history. He’s a work horse, he’s the face of the WWE, and he’s also a veteran within the company; which means not only does he bring excitement to the RAW brand, he also brings knowledge and experience to the roster, and potential mentoring to newer talent. Love him or hate him, John Cena gets a huge reaction from the crowd when  his music hits – and if I were running RAW, he’d top my list for first draft pick.

#1 Pick (SD): Seth Rollins

For me, this was a no-brainer. Rollins was money as champion in 2015, and I honestly wonder when he would have been dethroned if he hadn’t blown out his knee. Or, if he’d possibly even still be champion, as there’s something to be said for a nice long reign. With that said, I honestly think I would have taken Rollins first overall, even with Cena right there, if only because I am thinking too logically, and more like an actual sports GM. Give me the young stud who is a proven commodity with years and years ahead of him. No one on the WWE roster personifies that as much as Rollins does right now, so he’s going to become SmackDown’s golden boy.

#2 (RAW): A.J. Styles

One of the newer superstars to hit the WWE as of late is A.J. Styles, and he’s my number two pick. Why? He’s incredible on the mic, he’s incredible in the ring, and he’s a huge money-maker when it comes to merchandise and house shows. Needing some heel main event talents to mix in with my faces, I can’t think of anyone else who could draw in an audience like Styles. Here’s hoping I can draft the rest of The Club members, so AJ doesn’t feel too lonely.

#2 (SD): Kevin Owens

He’s been impressive ever since his main roster debut last year, and he is just chomping at the bit for a bigger spotlight. He’s incredibly talented, unique and very charismatic. While on the main roster, we’ve really only seen him as a strong heel, but I suspect he’s capable of playing either side if anyone felt the need to change him up. But, as is, he’s quite capable to be a top heel for years to come.

#3(RAW): Brock Lesnar

Sure, he’s a part-time wrestler; but he’s also a huge attraction to the WWE. Off the cusp of hitting the main stream media once again, for entering the Octagon once again and defeating his opponent at UFC 200: Lesnar is simply a headlining talent. Sure, he’ll only be busting onto RAW show here and there – but when he does – he’ll be bringing audiences along with him, to tune into the show. Besides that, who wouldn’t want to flip to RAW, just to witness a promo by Paul Heyman? If I’m Stephanie, and I’m running RAW, then I want Lesnar on my roster.

#3 (SD): Cesaro

Talk about a guy just begging for a bigger push! I really had thought he might have his moment with Money In The Bank, but we all know how that turned out. And that’s OK, I get it. But the Swiss Superman is worthy of a bigger role-meaning, quite simply, get this man a championship again! And, if you’ve been paying attention to my roster thus far, Cesaro would be positioned to be the alpha babyface of the roster, or one of them. He would quickly be a big dog on the roster, which I think is a role that would suit him especially well.

#4 (RAW): Sami Zayn

John grabbed Kevin Owens, so I made sure to snag Sami Zayn. Recently returning to the main roster, after an incredibly short debut last year, Zayn has talent written all over him; with solid mic work, and amazing in-ring techniques. In the coming months, as RAW and SmackDown define themselves as separate brands, I see Zayn slowly climbing the ladder, and becoming a solid main event superstar. His matches are stellar, and his feud with Owens is a program I actually don’t want to see fade away; which is an amazing thing. Cena needs some face buddies to even out the roster, and my choice, was naturally Sami Zayn.

#4 (SD): Bray Wyatt

Man, oh man, am I loading up on some really strong heels. Now, of course, we can always flip guys from heel to face, and I am not worried about that now anyways. The main point? Getting some super-talented guys to fill out the roster, and Bray is the epitome of that. Heck, I was pleasantly surprised he made it all the way to the fourth spot for me, meaning he was the 8th man taken. He’s got talent to command a top spot, and he’s ready to be a main event mainstay. Happy that, in this scenario, he will be calling SmackDown home.

#5 (RAW): Randy Orton

Who else misses the Viper, and his RKO (outta no where!) I do. And I have a feeling we won’t see Orton, until July 19th. Now, in the real world, I wouldn’t care whether he got to SmackDown or RAW, I just miss seeing him in the ring; and I’m probably not the only fan out there. So if I was Stephanie McMahon for a day, choosing her RAW roster, I would definitely want Orton on my team. Randy is a seasoned superstar, accomplished in so many ways, and probably quite eager to get back into the ring, and into action. He has a solid, loyal fan base; and whether he decides to return as a face or heel – Orton and his RKO have been missed in the squared circle, and would make an incredible addition to either brand, regardless.

#5 (SD): Big Cass

Totally unexpected? Perhaps. Buying high? Maybe. This pick was driven by his overwhelming popularity, his strong run thus far, including his brief time as a singles competitor while his tag team partner recovered, and the fact that, as they say, he’s 7 foot tall, and you can’t teach that. And yes, I made this one thinking of things as a real sports GM, going for young and talented guys who can carry my roster for years and years. And Cass? He’s one of those guys.

So there you have it folks, the mock draft’s first five picks for each brand. The next ten for each will follow, and then we will get into the supplemental portion as well as divvying up the women.

WNZ readers, what do you think of the makeup thus far?

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  • Si Nicholls

    Looks good, personally I would of picked Rusev instead or Ortan and Luke Harper instead of Cass

  • Mike

    I think miz and rusev need to be drafted reasonably high, due to having the titles. But looks good, I wouldn’t want to see cass and enzo split. They’re a great team.

  • KingBack

    I thought WWE wanted to bring back the WHC for Smackdown??

    • Dorathy

      There are so many various reports flying around. Until they confirm it on tv, it’s hard to tell.

  • Bite Me You Loser

    I see WWE going like they did in the mid 2000’s RAW being the traditional show with the experienced veterans. SD was the edgy new school show with new upcoming talents with high risk styles.

  • Mean Dean

    Reigns should be drafted to TNA

  • jcice13

    who cares, whatever happens happens and most of it makes no sense and I for one think this brand thing is a bad idea

  • biz

    Not bad other than the cass reach. John you his uncle or something? Lol.

    I do think that someone shocking will be on smack down though

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