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WNZ Open Season: Why Styles- Cena Won’t Answer The Questions

If you watched RAW, specifically the contract signing, you know that a lot of the build up around Cena/Styles was centered around the length of each man’s career and accomplishments, and whether Cena is better than AJ.

So, of course WWE is hyping the match as a “WrestleMania worthy” offering, and they might well be right.

Just, not this match, not this Sunday.

Why? No, I am not crazy. Well, OK, maybe I am, but not in this case. I think Sunday’s match does little more than to whet the appetites of fans. WWE knows a Styles/Cena match could draw tremendously, and it’s a safe bet this will not be the only time we see them in the ring as opponents.

Whet appetites how, you ask? Oh, I think they will show enough off to us that we know how great a full-length match could be. And just when we think things are getting really good, there will be outside interference by some party or other, thus giving us return match after return match. It’s likely one of those return matches is a centerpiece of SummerSlam, too. But it would not surprise me if this feud got hot, and then was sort of put on the back burner, left to be turned back on say, right around the Royal Rumble-thus giving us the actual WrestleMania matchup. That one could be in a cell, or with some crazy stipulations. But I do think that’s where this one heads.

So, in the end, I think this particular engagement is more about setting the table for what we can expect over the next year. Yes, I know it sounds crazy, but if these two have been generational rivals who’ve waited 15 years to tangle, we best be getting a long-running and well-executed program. Don’t rush it, don’t give us all the glory too soon. Let it build, let it simmer, and let us enjoy.

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