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WNZ Open Season: AJ’s Ceiling?

With the much-awaited debut of AJ Styles finally happening at Sunday’s Royal Rumble, and the WWE newbie having a pretty strong debut, here’s a question worth asking. What is AJ Styles’ ceiling in WWE?

I admit once again: I am not supremely familiar with his body of work. I have not watched hours of his matches. I am, however, aware of his reputation and his resume. And, it’s worth mentioning, that unlike most other TNA stars who make a pit stop in NXT, AJ Styles leaped right into the WWE, coming in as the third man in the Rumble.

I fully expect and hope that our knowledgeable WNZ readers will have some really good comments on this one, but for now, here are mine:

It is honestly hard not to like, or to be intrigued, at what we saw on Sunday. It may not have been the most shocking debut in history, but it was certainly respectable. Styles was in the match quite a while. He got to show off a good bit of his in-ring skill, though a lot of it was often teased. That’s to be expected, though, especially in a match like the Rumble. With so many other men in the match, it’s often hard to really execute your signature moves. So I don’t take points off for that.

What did I think of as I saw him perform?

Clearly, there’s a spark there between he and Kevin Owens. I could get into a program with those two.

He would seem to work well against a speedy Superstar, like a Sami Zayn or a Neville.

And, I admit this one is months away…but could you imagine a match of Seth Rollins versus AJ Styles?

So, in my eyes, I’d say his ceiling is pretty limitless. Think about it. I mentioned him going up against a former Intercontinental Champion, and looking forward to a match between himself and a former WWE World Heavyweight Champion. I see no reason why he couldn’t contend for either of those titles, or any other one he chooses to seek.

Where will he focus on first?

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  • Bonkerz

    Hey Deegan, if you have time, watch AJ Styles vs Kurt Angle, January 4 2010 which took place on an episode of TNA Impact!. It will give you a great background in how well he can go. Still one of my top 5 matches of all time. (it may not reveal to much about who he is, but it will highlight his wrestling ability in a big match situation)

    • Z….

      Ah the final night of TNA before it died. I remember that match pretty well. It was amazing. They had some great matches in the 6 months leading up to that though. The product in general was great during that stretch of time, and was consistently at its highest ratings (in the 1.3-1.4 range, which at the time was starting to close in on smackdown, which was in the 1.7-2.1 range)

    • Joseph Lisnow

      i liked the first aj styles vs. samoe joe vs. chris daniels at unbreakable in 2005.

      • Z….

        LOL who wouldnt?! That match was awesome. I’m pretty sure its considered a top tier type match

  • Philip Hollett

    He could easily be WWE champion, but never will because he is not WWE made. Everyone knows Vince will NEVER put his title on someone he didn’y create.

    • Martin Koehler

      Someone like CM Punk you mean? AJ so far has had a more impressive start than any non-Vince guy EVER. So I think he could be WWE Champion. In two nights they made him sound completely legit to the WWE audience.
      Course that is purely my opinion.

      • Philip Hollett

        Well I didn’t watch RAW but from what I could tell of the highlights the crowd were dead for that match.

        • Joseph Lisnow

          yea, nothing like the awesome crowd for the Royal Rumble.

        • D.M.T

          The crowd wasn’t dead, it’s just you people expect them to go nuts during the entire match just because you love AJ so much.

  • Victor82

    I think Aj Styles will become Intercontinental Champion at Wrestlemania defeating Ambrose, because I expect Dean to feud with Roman after WM for the wwe title. I insist AJ needs a new theme song and maybe a haircut, but he is a great in ring performer.

    • Joseph Lisnow

      I see Ambrose vs Jericho at WM. I think that was WWE’s plans and Styles joining the company might have changed everything. Or the 20 WWE superstars injured could also alter storylines.

    • MikeLo #NewNation

      His theme song is nice but yeah I miss old haircut lol

  • Z….

    AJ should immediately be in contention for the IC belt, and looking towards that World Title. He could work with essentially everyone too, as he is actually a good mat wrestler, which some people dont realize. He isnt just spots and high flying. He is very versatile, as most of us would know by having watched him for so long. I think he has also improved his ability to wrestle at whatever pace. He can be more methodical now, which is what WWE looks for, and wants. We saw that a little in his match with Jericho, as it wasnt entirely a typical AJ match. It seemed like they were feeling each other out a bit though, which makes sense b/c I think that was the first time they’ve faced each other. He has improved a lot on the mic over the last 3 years or so, but sometimes he could benefit being in a program with a strong talker. We saw that in the promo Jericho cut before their match. There is a reason he has been #1 on the PWI TOP lists. I just hope they dont limit his moveset too much. We all know WWE does that with all of these guys. On a side note, I wish he could use the Get Ready to Fly theme song instead. Anyway, if you dont know, try to look back and find some of his incredible TNA matches, and you will see that the moniker is legit. AJ Styles is Phenomenal

  • Prick Rice

    I predict he’ll win MITB.

  • jcice13

    I’ll reserve judgement on this one year into his WWE run because like many others before him they put him over, they have the fans get behind him and then they pull the rug out..what I did find funny was Jericho calling him “kid”, reminding us of how Cena disrespected Owens when they first met and acted like Owens just fell off the turnip truck and Owens told him he’s been doing this for as long as Cena has
    and as much as I love Jericho I thought that was a crappy thing to say even if it was written for him

    • Z….

      he acknowledged AJ for who he was. “Welcome to the big leagues, kid” is just an expression. That being said, I did agree that it made no sense, considering that AJ is like 38. Hard for me to comment, since I dont watch the product, so I wasnt aware of the Steen/Cena situation. From your comment though, it seems different. I will agree that WWE will obviously drop the ball on this…They’re WWE. Of course they will. Thats their signature move. Which is why I gave up on them almost 8 years ago

      • jcice13

        well I don’t have any idea where you’re from but a 37 38 year old man is not a kid and yeah it’s an expression, one that’s for a kid but maybe you’re right in a sense because he’s a new face to the promotion but I would like to have seen them use a different expression like welcome to the big time or big leagues..and too bad you missed that steen/cena thing it was great seeing steen shoot johnny down with his reply..youtube it you’ll love it

        • Z….

          what would I search?

          • jcice13

            go to youtube and search owens vs cena

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