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WNZ Open Season: A Kurt Angle Homecoming?

I have to imagine there’s some sort of a quota on these kinds of pieces, and I haven’t been keeping up my end of the deal. I just haven’t speculated on an Angle return much lately, outside of perhaps a mention as a crazy idea for a surprise Rumble participant. So, with that said, here’s another article!

Reports have surfaced that indicate Angle had a private, and rather hush-hush meeting, with the COO of WWE (and also, it’s World Champion), Triple H, while both men attended the Arnold Classic.

So, what could it mean, if it meant anything beyond two former co-workers saying hi?

Well, odds are it meant something. Many things can be said about Hunter, but one thing seems clear. Since rising to the position of COO, he’s reportedly been hugely important in brokering the deals that brought some of the company’s most iconic talent back into the fold-specifically, getting Ultimate Warrior and Randy Savage back in the WWE family and into the Hall of Fame.

Kurt Angle might be about to take a similar path, though Kurt has off and on spoken like someone who hasn’t completely decided to retire from wrestling.

So, how could they use the free agent? When could he show up?

In terms of how? As a manager and adviser in the near term, until he’s healthy enough to get cleared (if that ever happens in WWE). But, a manager for whom? In my mind, get him working with Jack Swagger. Maybe have Jack interact with the League of Nations at WrestleMania, and when the numbers appear to be too much, Angle’s music hits and he makes the save, and over the next year he mentors and helps Swagger regain his confidence-all leading up to an induction in 2017, to the HOF-that is, if he wants to be inducted already.

Swagger may be too convenient, since each man has worked the All-American gimmick, but it could work and could actually make Swagger worthwhile again.

If not a patriotic program, then what? WNZ readers, what would you want to see Angle do if he should return to WWE?

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  • ‘Drowen Hart #NewNation ??????

    First talk to Vince and put away any issues both of them have. Second, WWE HOF induction and one more match against either Cena or Taker next year at Wrestlemania. And third either be a trainer down in NXT or be a general manager either in NXT or the main roster or simply retire after Wrestlemania.

    • jeff

      I think you’re right on, except for a match against Taker, I would rather it be Cena with Kurt winning. I would also like to see a Raw GM or a Jack Tunney charachter again.

      • siddus

        On the one hand there would be a nice bit of symmetry for Cena having his debut against Kurt, and Kurt having his retirement match against Cena. I’d rather see Angle go against guys we never got the chance to see, like Seth Rollins, or Cesaro.

  • siddus

    If I had Angle for 1 year, it would have to include these 3 matches

    Summerslam: Cesaro
    Survivor Series: Team Angle (Angle, Swagger, American Alpha) vs League of Nations
    Royal Rumble: Seth Rollins

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