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WNZ Open Season: Big Things For ‘Mania

We are under a month away from the biggest show of the year for WWE. And it’s high time we start thinking about what big things we could expect to see from AT&T Stadium. We are already starting to hear rumblings of some possible big and special entrances, and ever since Shane came back, speculation has been running wild about just who could come in and ensure a Shane-O-Mac win. So, let’s have some fun and come up with 5 big things we could see in a few short weeks.

1. Shane’s backup

I’ve opined elsewhere that, with the young McMahon’s return, could the Mean Street Posse be far behind, if only for one night? It would be a cheesy move, somewhat similar to what was done last year during the Hunter/Sting match, DX and nWo coming out.

Others have expected that, one way or another, Shane won’t be wrestling and will have a ringer in his place-and I’ve seen guesses ranging from Cena to Sting to Goldberg. And, let’s not forget that The Rock will be in the building.

I really don’t know who or what will happen, but I expect something huge here.

2. The Rock

Speaking of Johnson, he announced he was going to be involved in the show, and ever since then, it’s been virtual radio silence. Either he’s just showing up to open the show as he did a couple years back, or WWE is still formulating what to do with the megastar. I have to imagine there’s something happening here-otherwise, why announce it so far ahead to drive anticipation. Though, on the flip side, they’ve said nothing since then, so this one remains a curious mystery.

3. Divas delight

This one probably won’t happen, but with Charlotte defending the championship, and aiming to be the new “dirtiest player in the game”, why couldn’t she get some Divas backup? Specifically, why couldn’t we see Nia Jax come in to serve as Charlotte’s muscle and in such a manner to give Charlotte the win. I don’t think it will happen, but I think something along these lines could be excellent.

4. The biggest entrances

New Day-or, at least, Big E.-is saying they will have something impressive. I figure an entry way lined with unicorn-horn wearing, trombone playing New Day fans. But that one is kind of easy.

Hunter is an easy guess-look at his last few ‘Manias. It’s virtually assured he will have some major theatrical entrance, especially being the World Champion.

Beyond that? I go with a huge entrance for Undertaker in his home state, but that’s the same as Hunter-his ‘Manias are always huge deals.

5. The biggest surprise appearances

I have a hunch that we get names on the card we never expected. Not Sting, not some NXT guys like Samoa Joe or Sami Zayn. Not even the easy guess of a currently injured John Cena. So I will give you a few guesses.

First up? Seth Rollins. No, not in a wrestling role, his knee needs to be fully healed if WWE wants him to be the future. I expect he could be at the big show, and I can totally see him coming out after the Championship match and reminding the champion that he’s coming back, and he’s coming for the title. Maybe it’s too soon for it, but I could see it. I think a Rollins appearance following a Reigns win could help.

Next? Hulk Hogan.

Yes, I am serious. It’s a ratings game, folks. Hogan still equals ratings. I could see WWE burying the hatchet with their disgraced Hall of Famer, if only for one night. Though, I place a caveat on here, that this all depends in part to how his ongoing legal proceedings go.

Third? Cesaro. His appearance is what I consider to be the most likely-especially if they have a massive, multi-participant match, or someone has a need for a mystery partner. His recovery sounds like it’s on track, so a return to action in early April may not be out of the question.

So, WNZ readers, let’s hear some of what you are hoping to see from Texas in a few weeks.

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  • Si Nicholls

    After the stare down on Raw I thought it could be a tease for the Wyatt familey to assist Shane agaisnt the aithority and there paid gun slinger Undertaker

    • jcice13

      that too is a good idea but the one draw back is you can’t trust the Wyatts so it would blow up back into Shane’s face.I’m sticking with Sting since they’ve rumored him and the taker for last year’s mania


    Wait a second brother,who cares if Hogan is gonna show up? The real million dollar question is,am I,Hoak Kogaan gonna show up?

  • jcice13

    does Hogan really still mean ratings?????? seriously I mean it as a legitimate question not a ball bust.are there any numbers to back that claim up? also it might be a good angle to have Charlotte have her own for 4 horsemen group and rule the divas division for a year+


      Hogan does not equal ratings, KOGAAN does….And the charlotte thing,I like that idea!

      • jcice13

        I was being serious lol.I’d like to see if Hogan, the last time he was in made the numbers spiked during his segments, because I didn’t think they did but I don’t remember that vividly‚Ķ.but yeah.you make the needle jump big time.as for the 4 horsewomen? who wouldn’t like that idea especially since they have her doing a lot of things Ric did and give her the Woooo and all.it would just be a natural progression in the character.AH but who would be the 3 others? if I knew Nikki was coming back soon I would definitely have her as one, not because of talent per se but the fact she was the champ for so long.and believe it or not I would let nattie be another.she has a lineage in the business would lends fred to her and she could use a push and the last one? that’s easy..Eva Marie‚Ķ.lol… I got ya, lol‚Ķ‚Ķ… hell no, probably one of the top girls right now in NXT other than Bayley‚Ķdon’t they have a big strong girl down there right now? I forget her name but she could be the arn anderson of the group, the enforcer.so Nikki can be Tully, Nattie is Barry Windham and the other 2 aforementioned girls as Arn and Ric and Ric can be JJ Dillon


          They have that blonde girl who is kinda big(idr her name…bliss? Idk) and the rocks cousin Nia Jax is pretty huge.

          • jcice13

            well Bliss was the one I was thinking about but if Rock’s cousin is ready she’d be a good fit too especially with the blood lines
            so now we have the diva 4horsemen, can we book it? cause I can see it happening, maybe Ravens can get a hold of one of his inside connections in the business and talk it up to them


            Well you know we’d have to write his entire part of the conversation so he can copy and paste it….lol

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