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WNZ Open Season: Did Brock Lesnar Get Busted?

Word broke on Friday afternoon that the USADA had informed UFC that Brock Lesnar had a potentially failed test, which, if confirmed, would effectively vacate his UFC 200 win. But does the bust bring more harm to him still?

First, the key words here, for me at the moment? Potentially failed test. Not confirmed. So it’s possible that the testing firm is operating with an abundance of caution and Lesnar will be cleared. But it looks bad on Brock, who was already under scrutiny for not undergoing the typical 4 month testing routine for unretiring fighters-a privilege UFC granted him, and which his opponent brought up regularly before their bout.

Second? This could potentially be interesting for his WWE plans. It was less than a week ago where it was easy to speculate about Lesnar’s future: could he hold UFC Heavyweight gold again? Would he get a shot at WWE gold again? Could he be the most dominant wrestler or fighter of his era? But now? Now, that is all very much in doubt, thanks to an issue with a drug test. If he is indeed confirmed to have failed the test for UFC, I imagine he would also be suspended under the WWE Wellness Policy. He might be a big name, but WWE proved last month that no star was too big to be suspended, as Roman Reigns, just days prior the WWE World Heavyweight Champion, was suspended 30 days.

So, last Sunday, when his future looked really bright and limitless again? Now things look rather bleak. Even if the tests come back as clean, due to an error or some other explanation, the damage may already be done with people thinking he fought dirty.

Personally, I am waiting to see the final results, but if it is indeed a confirmed failed test, it could be very bad. He could have gone from two company megastar, to falling star, in under a week.

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  • Joseph Lisnow

    I love it, but censor the curse word. Sorry.

    • Mikey Shango #DunDunDuuunnnnnn

      Awww BOOO!!! ?

      • Joseph Lisnow

        They’ll be another meme you can find. Side note: Diaz brothers are awesome and I don’t think they’re on steroids. The brothers sure do smoke tons of weed.

  • The Shockmaster

    Eat, Sleep, Fail Drug Tests, Repeat.

    • Joseph Lisnow

      Sounds kinda crazy, but it would probably sell pretty well.

  • Fat Owens Fat

    USADA also mentions that all the test samples they took before the 28th was positive. And the guy was tested 8 times in less than 2 weeks.

  • IM MAD JOHNSON #NewNation

    Somewhere BumMan is like “Thank God” lmmfao

  • Mean Dean

    Probably tested positive for an unknown supple where no one really knows if it’s legal or illegal , lance Armstrong, the bicycle dude tested positive for something that was in his cancer meds, so I’m not worried

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