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WNZ Open Season: Could Brock Hold All The Gold?

WWE Champion
I will admit, I did not stay up to watch the bout between Lesnar and Hunt on Saturday (in my defense, I had a long drive early the next day, so it just wasn’t in the cards). That being said, I have read the write-ups, and there are plenty of those to consume. And by all accounts, Brock Lesnar was his old, dominant self in the Octagon. Perhaps the only thing missing was a devastating knockout, but he beat a top 10 UFC heavyweight by unanimous decision, in what was his first battle in the cage in five years.

Which got me thinking. He’s heading back to the WWE ring soon, too. He won’t be chasing world championships there-yet. But he did recently have a feud with a certain someone, who just so happens to be the reigning WWE World Heavyweight Champion. And Lesnar dominated the feud.

So it wouldn’t be too hard to have him come out, attack Dean Ambrose and declare that he wanted his belt back, and since he beat Dean before, he wanted to do it again, and become champion again in the process. So, just like that, he would be your WWE Champion. That’s the easy part, what with wrestling being the “sport” with predetermined outcomes and all.

But having taken on, and beaten, a top 10 guy in UFC? All while under contract to one Vincent Kennedy McMahon, who no doubt enjoyed the publicity? I would be stunned. Floored. If Brock Lesnar wasn’t going to get himself another UFC fight sooner than later. And assuming it’s against another top 10, or even top 5 guy? And, of course, assuming he wins, there’s at least a chance he begins to push his way into the discussion for number one contender. Now, it may take him a few bouts, and it may take a year or two, but I think now that he’s gotten his return bout out of the way, it’s much easier to discuss a longer-term future. WWE may have said this one was a one time thing, but if McMahon and company observed a noticeable boost to business based on any cross-promotion? You can be damn certain there will be arrangements made to make more matches happen.

But, could you imagine a future, maybe a year or two down the road, where Brock Lesnar, the Beast Incarnate, holds both the UFC heavyweight and WWE heavyweight titles? It may not be as far-fetched as was once thought, and after his return over the weekend, it’s certainly more plausible than ever before.

So, WNZ readers…can you imagine Brock holding both simultaneously? Would you be a fan of the idea?

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  • Jakerams

    Cesaro vs Lesnar in a UFC fight is something I would pay money for.

    • jcice13

      why? you’d like to see Cesaro get crucified??

      • Jakerams

        I honestly could see Cesaro doing good if he practiced solely for that match.

      • Warren Roby

        Kurt Angle in his prime?
        Other then that, their is no one who could lace Brock’s boots.
        Maybe a pure striker like Big Show might stand a chance…. With his boxing background and all.

        • jcice13

          LOL you’re funny..big slow??? well at least you said “might”..Lesnar would kill him and I’m even talking about when he was the giant in wcw…he would be pummeled by Lesnar and he’s a our striker?? that’s even funnier…and why did you leave of Bobby Lashely, he’d have a much better chance than Kurt

          • Warren Roby

            Didn’t think about Bobby actually. COuld be a beast match. Didn’t Kurt Angle defeat guys as big as Brock? I thought he did. Amateur wrestling anyway.
            As for Big Show…. Well, 1 punch and its over was my thinking…. Nothing more or less. lol

  • bigfoot3169

    One way the WWE can spin this is have Lesnar steamroller into the championship and then gets another chance to fight in the UFC. He “blows off” the WWE and then gets “stripped” while he prepares for the UFC fight. Brock walks to the octagon with his WWE strap. Whether he wins or lose his UFC fight, he’ll come back to Raw and destroy the WWE champ leading to whatever PPV is on the horizon. Give this all to happen within a year.

    Another twist is he wins the WWE championship on his last date for WWE so he can boast to it in his cage fights and then do a final send off to his career by jobbing to the WWE champ at that time.

  • jcice13

    sure he could hold all the gold all they have to do is allow them to fight for real, here’s the real question…if it was real? who’d step in the ring with him??? nobody

  • Tomo

    WWE wouldn’t send him to a UFC fight as their champ. If he gets destroyed it would damage their own title

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