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WNZ Open Season: Brock Lesnar Title Reign Could Be A Boost?

In an earlier Open Season, I speculated about the potential for the supremely talented Brock Lesnar to hold both the UFC and WWE heavyweight titles. While nothing has been discussed as of yet, I have to imagine if the box office results were as good as Lesnar had previously generated, that we haven’t seen the last of him in UFC. And, we already know he’s a big draw for WWE.

So here’s a question that might make some folks laugh, but it’s worth asking anyways.

In a day and age of professional wrestling, where a WWE Superstar now appears on ESPN once a week, and where that same channel will be on-site to cover major WWE PPVs, could the perspective of a Lesnar WWE and UFC title reign actually come close to legitimizing the WWE gold?

Now, let me get something clear. Until or unless WWE stops scripting bouts, this possibility of legitimizing things is moot. Because it would be impossible to completely legitimize it if outcomes are predetermined.

But, at the same time, if someone like Lesnar. Or, specifically Lesnar. Managed to simultaneously hold both titles at the same time? Things would get mighty interesting at that point, because while folks would say “oh, WWE scripted Lesnar to beat Ambrose”, no one is going to say that about UFC, are they? It’s highly unlikely that anyone in UFC is offering bonus points for the folks to lose, and if they were, in this day and age such a scandal would have exploded by now.

But, could a dual champion, like Brock, actually lend some legitimacy to the WWE title? Like, hey, it’s not just a fluff belt for guys who are Vince’s favorites?

I think he could, possibly. But I think what Lesnar as dual champion could do, more than add or even attempting to add any measure of legitimacy, would be the exposure. Undoubtedly, Lesnar hyping his UFC 200 bout didn’t hurt WWE’s numbers or social media scores. Any publicity is good publicity, and Lesnar’s publicity has been great.

So, WNZ readers, do you think a dual title reign is in the cards? And, if so, do you feel such an occurrence actually make the WWE title more prestigious and legitimate?

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  • Mike

    I don’t like the whole legitimises it stuff, it’s nonsense. Wwe is scripted pro wrestling/entertainment. Who ever wins the title should be good at what he does in the wwe, entertaining, charismatic, and able to put on good matches and become a big draw. That’s what a champ in the wwe is. Being ufc star doesn’t even factor Into the equation. Sure Brock is a massive star, he is a monster, he is a ufc fighter too I guess and maybe it would be cool to see him hold
    Both titles, but I reality, the time Brock spent as champ became frustrating and stale because for a champ he was away too much and with this latest ufc venture I assume he would be away even more which means more time the wwe title spends away from wwe.

    • T-Rock (#TeamHollywood)


  • Downy Dutch

    Brock will never hold the ufc championship this time around. It is a great acomplishment that he beat Mark Hunt, but against the top 5 of that division he will lose every time. Overeem, Miocic, Velasquez, Werdum and Dos Santos will all crush Brock.

  • Bryskers

    Neh, the champ should be a wrestler who’s on the road 5 days a week, who fights at live events, who actually contributes to the company he’s working for. Brock is a great athlete, but having a absent champ, even if it’s Lesnar, will not legitimize the belt. Plus, what kind of message do that send to the locker room ?

    • Lemont Washington

      The message would be…
      1. Get as over as you can/allowed to
      2. Draw us some money
      3. Leave the company via release/contract expires/walk out
      4. Go out, and become a bigger name in other forms of entertainment

  • ‘Drowen Hart #NN #NBNC ?????

    He doesn’t need another title reign. He’s already over.

  • Tomo

    1) he’s probably not good enough to get UFC Gold

    2) it would be a bookers nightmare: he couldn’t really lose his www title while holding the UFC. It would only work once he lost the UFC and someone wants to prove he’s lost his way for both companies:

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