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WNZ Open Season: Bryan At Fastlane?

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While watching RAW on February 15th, I was hit by a thought for Fastlane. As Ric Flair and Charlotte did their worst to get under Brie Bella’s skin. And during this segment, there was my “aha” moment.

Daniel Bryan, recently retired but still very much a draw. Brie Bella, his wife, defending him to Ric and Charlotte.

Charlotte is going to have Ric in her corner. Why can’t Brie have Daniel?

I have one argument for this, and two against it.

For it? Daniel Bryan is a draw, and like it or not, adding him to the mix makes the Divas Championship match markedly more desirable to watch. Not like, main event status. But if you suddenly have the corners being manned by a two time WWE Hall of Famer and a future Hall of Famer? Yes, people will pay attention to that.

Against it? For one thing, it wasn’t that long ago where I wrote that I felt having Ric around detracted from Charlotte and her Divas Title reign. Along the lines of sending a message that, no matter the Diva, a Diva would be more over with a man in her corner. A generalization? Perhaps, yes, but I think it still makes the point.

For another, I don’t know if Daniel wants to serve such a role-both out of respect to his wife, and because throughout his injury hiatus, he largely maintained his distance from WWE. I can’t see him changing that stance now, especially when it would “only” be for Fastlane, not WrestleMania. Though, it would be plausible to have Ric be a little too involved, and somehow Brie finagles her way into a ‘Mania re-match, at which point she has him there.

As cool as it would be, I just don’t see it. Not yet, not in Cleveland.

WNZ readers, what do you think?

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  • biz

    Who cares

  • Ziriak

    I guess he could brawl with Flair after he keeps trying to distract the referee, though it would be a strange way to return to “action” after his very official retirement.

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