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WNZ Open Season: Daniel Bryan Headlining ’17 HOF?

WWE Hall of Fame
Let’s be honest. It’s not too soon to speculate for the 2017 WWE Hall of Fame headliner, even though the entire 2016 Class has not been announced.

I will say this right now: I do not think Daniel Bryan goes in this year. Not so much that it’s too soon, more that WWE won’t want to steal Sting’s spotlight. And I get that. It makes complete and total sense.

So, Daniel Bryan, headlining the Class of 2017?

It’s quite possible. I would even say it’s likely. Each class needs a big name. That much is a given. There are a few who will be Hall worthy, for sure, but the other two I am most often thinking of-Undertaker and HHH-have not retired thus far. For yet another year, we are speculating that THIS will be Undertaker’s last WrestleMania, but until The Phenom officially says so, who knows when he retires. HHH is currently the Champion, and in the shape he’s in? He’s got some matches left, if he wants to go that route. So Daniel Bryan is sitting there, freshly retired, and absolutely ready to be feted as a Hall of Fame inductee.

Is he worthy?

Yes, I really did ask that question.

One hand could easily say no, believe it or not. He didn’t have super long runs with the big championship belts. He reached the top and then was done. He lacked the staying power of so many other big names. You could look at is as the Barry Sanders argument. Sanders was great. One of the all time greats. But, by choice, his career was incredibly short. But, he was worthy of the Hall of Fame, because he did so much in such a short period of time.

And that’s the same for Daniel Bryan. Under no circumstances do I think he’s NOT a WWE Hall of Famer. It’s not if, it’s just a matter of when. Considering what he did, and the span over which he did it, it’s nothing short of impressive. He held, at one time or another, every WWE title except the Divas title. And his wife has that covered. You don’t get to hold the US title, IC title and both iterations of the WWE title/World Heavyweight Championship by being lucky.

So, in what may be the easiest prediction ever-right up there with Edge going into the Hall following his sudden retirement-Daniel Bryan is going to headline the 2017 Hall of Fame. Book it.

WNZ readers, would you agree or disagree? If you disagree, tell us why!

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  • Joshua Daniel Cooke

    No reason why he couldn’t be inducted this year. I think if he isn’t in the 2016 hof then the only thing in people’s minds when they try to make it all about sting is DB should of been inducted this year. Also I’m sure the 2017 hof would be ok but in order to make the event the most powerful and meaningful is to have DB inducted right away to ride this emotional and powerful wave of DB to its finish thus giving us his fans and himself the needed closure to truly move on. 2017 would be a nice little speech with a little yes chant at half power but 2016 would be full of tears and the roof would blow off the place.

    • The one and only great one

      I totally agree. They inducted Edge right after he retired, so I can see them doing that with DB. Just like you said, It’s better to do it right after a retirement for closure. No matter what year they induct DB the YES chants are going to be long & loud. I say they induct him this year. Daniel Bryan HOF 2016!!!

  • That boy Alejandro

    I agree that he should be inducted. Take a look back at the career of eddie guerrero he was in the wwe for 3 years and became a grand slam champion in a year and a half and went into the hall of fame, daniel bryan was in the wwe for a short time as well but did wrestle before he was in wwe. Eddie and daniel bryan are both super popular. Eddie was inducted in 2006 but bret hart was the last man to be inducted. Maybe daniel bryan gets inducted this year but sting is the last man to be inducted.

  • Mizanur Mowla

    Oh really? D.B has HOF career? Just because he won WHC and he won WM and that’s why he deserves to be in a HOF list? You gotta b kidding me …

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