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WNZ Open Season: Ceiling for Enzo & Cass?

Xavier Woods
Here’s where this one is coming from, folks. Two spots. On one hand, the ceiling notion is a big thing in pro sports-any time someone is being recruited, or might be drafted, teams talk about a guy’s ceiling, or his upside. And on the other hand, I compare them to what might be the most hyped NXT tag team call up ever, which was of course The Ascension.

Let’s get the easy one out of the way. I see Enzo and Big Cass as refreshingly in your face and real. Completely different from what Konor and Viktor have been. Enzo in particular has great expressions and shows emotion and passion, and I found his work on Monday night, in front of a packed house-and a very hot one too-and working against (verbally, at least) a legendary tag team, to be amazing. If I had to choose which of the two teams wins WWE tag team gold first, it would be Enzo and Cass.

As for their ceiling? I don’t know that it’s easy to peg. Enzo is such a unique individual, very loud and brash. Cass, towering at 7 feet tall, tends to be the quieter one, though he’s by no means quiet. That WWE sends them right out to the Dudleys? I think that shows how highly people within the company think of the young tag team, and it may very well be a vote of confidence from Bubba and Devon too, assuming the veteran team was asked for their approval of a program.

Their big challenge? New Day, in a nutshell. They are coming in when WWE’s tag team offerings have been improved. Not great, but greatly improved at least. And New Day is leading that charge, and of course, fans love them. But, fans love Enzo and Big Cass, too-the Dallas crowd at RAW was chanting “how you doin'” in the first hour, hoping to see these two-and they didn’t debut until the third hour of the show!

The one thing I think they are missing? Maybe Carmella. Not that she’s going to rival Xavier Woods, but the group, as good as they are as a duo, can be as good or better as a trio. Plus, Carmella is a competent women’s performer and would add depth to a suddenly very competitive women’s division.

So can Enzo and Big Cass become WWE tag team champions? Maybe even in 2016?

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  • Crazy_Victor

    I missed Carmella on Monday too.

    • ‘Drowen Hart #NBNC ???????

      According to a report, she’s going to stay in NXT for a little while.

  • Mikey Shango #DunDunDuuunnnnnn

    Carmella ?

  • jcice13

    here’s the way I see it….Enzo can talk but as we’ve seen the the WWE they bring guys in, they push them, then they run out of ideas and the character runs out of gas…..crowd gets with them,i.e. Fandango and Rose then all of a sudden they are on the DNP list or jobbers…I can see them as a team having a good initial run even world title holders.but if I had to choose a future I’d want to be Cass.we all know how much they love big guys and the guy is big and he’s smart too.I can see that if he has any kind of in ring ability he has a shot at being near the top in singles…..I would think a better role for Enzo might have been as Cass’ manager and mouth piece and an occasional tag team partner

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