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WNZ Open Season: Should Cena Challenge The League?

If you missed it, let me catch you up. On the 12/21 RAW, it was announced that John Cena comes back on the last RAW of 2015 and will challenge Alberto Del Rio for the United States Title.

Now, the first thought popping into my head was not whether Cena will reclaim the US Title or not. It was whether he’s going to be coming back to be a key part in the response to the League of Nations. And I have two thoughts on this matter.

Why he should be the leader of the charge against the League:

Because he’s this era’s Hulk Hogan. And when you trashed the United States, as Sheamus did not that long ago in a promo, you’d get a response from the resident Patriot. In the 80’s it was Hogan. Now it’s Cena. So it makes sense. Plus, the actions on the Slammy Awards RAW led me to believe that WWE is trying to show that the faces are disorganized-we saw the League take out guys left and right, and then Super-Reigns took them all out. So why couldn’t Cena come back and unify the obvious pieces, like a Jack Swagger or The Usos? Plus, if that’s the face four, it frees up Reigns to defend the Championship against someone other than Sheamus at the Rumble, if they want to go that route.

Why he shouldn’t be the leader of the charge against the League:

Because, up till now, it’s been a tool used by The Authority, kind of. And, right now, the thorn in The Authority’s side is Roman Reigns. And, oh by the way, Sheamus still has his rematch clause, so there’s that, too. Logic says that Reigns, not Cena, should be leading the group that ought to eventually unify to even things up against Sheamus and his League of Nations. And this makes sense, because Reigns should be positioned as that guy, the new face of WWE, at least for the time being. Having Cena come in and return to prominence is expected because he’s Cena-which is exactly why they shouldn’t go there. If you think about it, the group is basically there. The League has it’s four, in Sheamus, Rusev, Barrett and Del Rio. For the faces, you have Reigns, Swagger and The Usos. You could swap out the Usos for Ryback and a fourth if you wanted, so there could be some wiggle room as to whether Cena joined the group, but wasn’t the leader of it. Of course, if you want to expand things more (like, thinking New Day’s temporary alignment with the League is more lasting) then things get really big, and we start getting into crazy nWo territory. Not worth it. But if any group does get more formal about challenging the League, it ought to be Reigns leading the charge.

Readers of WNZ, would you want Cena or Reigns leading it? Or should there even be a specific, defined group opposing the League?

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  • JFJ

    Sheamus no longer has his rematch clause. He got his rematch on 1/4/2016 RAW with Vince McMahon as guest referee. If Sheamus still had his rematch clause he would be facing Reigns for the championship at the Royal Rumble with some kind of stipulation to stack the deck in Sheamus’ favor rather than Reigns defending the championship in the Royal Rumble match itself.

  • The Shockmaster

    Doesn’t matter now! 😀
    Doo do do doooooooo, doo do do doooooooooo!

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