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WNZ Open Season: John Cena Misses Blood

Of all the guys in the back that I expected would say “I miss blood in wrestling”, John Cena’s name was always on the bottom of my hypothetical list. But sure enough, in a recent interview with Rolling Stone, that is exactly what Cena said. He also spoke about missing the profanity that the wrestlers could use during the Attitude Era, among other things.

My first reaction, specifically for the remark about blood: Really? Cena?

Upon further reflection: He gets it. Many fans might hate him, but he gets it, the notion that blood ramps up the meaning of a match. Big moments sometimes need it. You know when you see the guy start to bleed, things just got real.

On the profanity? I totally agree. Look, I get it. There are going to be folks who will sit here and say that if you can’t say what you need to say without a curse, then you aren’t too bright. Normally, I’d be inclined to agree. Except…this is wrestling! Promos need passion, and sometimes that passion requires the use of some stronger words. As Cena said, basically when you are trying to intimidate someone or express feelings, you can’t always say poopy. Not if you want to be seen as a threat.

My take? I think WWE has done a good job, lately, of pushing their limits. Not that they’ve pushed things very far, but the reality is some things are closer to Attitude Era than not. I think, more and more, WWE is realizing that audiences exist for a more mature product, and while it is important for them to keep much of the product PG for the youth market, they cannot afford to turn away the adult male crowd, either. So they have a balancing act that they need to do.

That we get these remarks from Cena? I see it meaning one of two things. One, perhaps he’s aiming to engender himself to older fans, saying “look, I get it, I miss blood and R-rated language”. No one would blame him for that attempt, but too many fans would see it as that and just have something to hold against him. And to me, that’s the other reason. He’s saying this while talking to Rolling Stone. While these sentiments about blood maybe true, it seems to me that saying it, during that interview, could be meant to speak to a chunk of viewers, and to sell magazines. Because in the end, few people read that magazine anymore, and I doubt the ones that do would suddenly change their opinion on Cena because of a magazine interview.

Happy to hear John saying it though.

WNZ readers, what do you think?

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  • Si Nicholls

    Over here in the UK WWE if run from here, would of put on a later night show without the PG rating for the older audience whilst keeping Raw and Smackdown as it is.

    • Tomo

      Or, one of the 2 brands would be a more adult proposition.
      I think Cena is realising his time as the face of the company is nearing. He’s put on some great matches lately (pre injury) and been more grown up.
      He could be a grown up face vs a heel reigns.

  • Bite Me You Loser

    If parents are taking their young children to a wrestling show that starts approximately 7pm on a school night. Then WWE being PG isn’t the parents biggest issue.

  • jcice13

    LOL yeah things get real at the sight of a man taking a piece of razor blade and cutting his forehead.and magazines???? they still have them?

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