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WNZ Open Season: Who Dethrones Dean Ambrose?

WWE Champion
Yes, I know. I am fully aware that Dean Ambrose has only just become the current WWE Champion, but why not look ahead a bit and speculate? It’s fun, and it’s one thing we do here. So, I have five options, and I will lay them all out for you. Let’s get started,shall we?

Seth Rollins

The man whom Ambrose beat for the title, and whom I didn’t expect to be cashed in on. Silly me. I give him a shot if for no other reason than because he’s 1/3 of the contestants in the presumed Battleground main event.

Roman Reigns

He’s here pretty much ONLY because he’s involved in Battleground. I would be absolutely stunned if, following a Wellness Policy violation, he gets a shot again any time soon.

Kevin Owens

For KO to dethrone Dean, I think it means Dean has a longer run than anticipated. I would welcome a longer reign, but I don’t see it as in the cards.

John Cena

OK, just kidding folks. No, seriously, I am kidding. Kind of. As long as Cena is around, and as long as he’s not yet broken Ric Flair’s record, he’s going to be considered.

Brock Lesnar

My personal favorite. Even though Brock doesn’t need the strap, I could totally see him coming back in time for SummerSlam, and deciding he wants to revive the feud he and Ambrose had dating back to WrestleMania.

Of the five, do I have a favorite? Absolutely. I think it’s Lesnar’s belt for the taking, and I think he comes back to WWE in August and claims what is his.

WNZ Readers, who do you think should be next in line?

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  • Mikey Shango #DunDunDuuunnnnnn

    I don’t want to see Dean vs Brock again lol

  • MatthijsKlerkx

    Never would want to see that happening again. Need a fresh name. Owens or Wyatt.

  • Si Nicholls

    Either Rollins or Brock depending on if Ambrose is a transitional champ.
    Owens and Zyan feud I would imagine won’t be over after the next PPV and both I would of thought will be drafted to Smackdown
    Cena will break Flairs record at some-point but his feud with AJ Styles is just starting
    Roman shouldn’t even be in the match after his wellness fail, totally the wrong message to send, by having him in the match he is being rewarded for letting the company down.

  • Jakerams

    American Alpha should share the title by taking turns beating Ambrose.

    • Mikey Shango #DunDunDuuunnnnnn



    Dean’s reign as champ so far has seemed to be a bit of a flop. The whole “crazy” thing isn’t really working for him in this era of WWE. Maybe a more serious gimmick with where he is unstable,but not in such a comedic way. Like the character in American Psycho,he acts cool and collected,but he flips out in violence.

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