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WNZ Open Season: Do Divas Need Tag Titles?

Between the main roster and NXT, WWE has more women wrestlers working for the company than I can ever remember. And, many of them are really good. But between NXT and WWE, there are just two singles titles between them. And, as I was watching a tag team match one night (I believe it was of the NXT womens variety), the thought struck me: why not have a women’s/Divas tag team championship?

Now, as for why not? That is a much easier answer. Sheer numbers, not much else. Look at how many men are on each roster, and look at how many women. If they added a Divas tag team title and an NXT women’s tag team title, you’d have 6 belts for like, 20 women. Basically, almost half could be a champion. It would be like the NHL playoffs!

But as for why? This is the fun part, and really where my argument is going. I admit it right here and now, I was willing to present both sides of the argument, but I am really leaning toward the side of “give them some tag titles already”.

First and foremost, there are good numbers in both NXT and WWE. If anyone is concerned about roster depth relative to women, then surely the talent finding folks can be told to go bring in some qualified young women, and they are out there to be found. There are good numbers working the indy scene, for starters. But there are scores of talented and athletic women who aren’t currently wrestlers, but for the right opportunity could be lured just like WWE has done with non-wrestling men in the past. You cannot tell me, if WWE sought out some women who are tough as nails playing for practically free in the old Lingerie Football League, that they wouldn’t find some diamonds in the rough. Look at college athletics, and you have a ton of women in great shape playing competitive sports, and surely in those ranks you could find a few more to work with. So, if WWE wants to, the numbers can and will grow.

Now, the justification. On recent RAWs and NXT shows, we’ve been given several tag matches. Now, yes, a match like Bayley and Asuka versus Nia Jax and Eva Marie is more a one-off than not, because Asuka is gunning for Bayley’s title. But Nia Jax and Eva Marie have been basically joined at the hip for a while now, and function as a unit. So why can’t there be others, and why can’t they have a championship to fight for. Same goes for groups like Team BAD (though, please, dear WWE Creative, get them a new name), or the Bellas when healthy.¬† And, the nice thing? When you have a tag team championship to fight for, suddenly having tag team matches in the Divas division doesn’t seem so pointless. Because without a title, there are some who would argue “why bother having tag matches in that division at all”.

So, WNZ readers…would you like to see a Divas, or NXT Womens, tag team championship?

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  • Zack

    Ahem. Women. Not “Divas”. ?

    • JMD

      i apologize. i wrote this last week and neglected to correct that when the announcement was made official.

  • Zack

    Let’s see…women tag teams.

    Bayley (from NXT)

    Becky Lynch
    Paige (PCB though in this case, I based it off of their partnership in Shimmer)

    Nikki Bella
    Alicia Fox (Team Bella)

    Tamina (Team Bad)

    Nia Jax
    Eva Marie (from NXT)

    Dana Brooke (from NXT)

    Am I missing any other legitimate partnerships in WWE/NXT?

    Either way, if they have enough partnerships (please no thrown together teams) to make up an 8 team tournament, that’s plenty to constitute a tag team title for the women. The TNA Knockouts Tag Titles only lasted while the roster was full then it thinned out and the ODB/Eric Young thing happened and it hasn’t been seen since. ?

    • hotkillerz

      emmma and summer make a good tag as well as nattie and paige sasha and becky

      • Zack

        Too bad AJ Lee isnt still around. She could tag with Nattie. When were Emma and Summer a team? I think I forgot.

        • hotkillerz

          early last year and some time this year.

  • Mikey Shango #DunDunDuuunnnnnn


  • Si Nicholls

    Its the natural evolution to include tag titles in the women’s division and would also make all those tag matches on Raw and Smackdown mean something

  • Damian Starr

    Don’t bother with it… as there are very few indys that have womens tag divisions so there are no natural tag teams and you’d be chucking all of the teams together and I can’t see creative coming up with any good reasons for it. plus there has to be a plan with it, as someone mentioned the TNA womens tag titles died when they had no where to go with it, don’t think WWE would have roster issues though.

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