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WNZ Open Season: The Dudleyz As Heels?

On the February 8th edition of RAW, we were given a mostly lackluster show. This week’s excuse, of course, was the retirement of Daniel Bryan. So I will give most of the show a mulligan.

But something interesting did transpire on Monday night. The Usos were slated for a tables match with the New Day. Bubba and Devon bumped into Jimmy and Jey, and while at first I thought they were going to be swapped into the match in place of The Usos, we instead got an 8 man tag match, with those two teams joining forces, and Mark Henry becoming an honorary unicorn for the match.

But, things got really interesting after the match. For reasons not yet made clear to us, Bubba and Devon attacked The Usos after winning the match, and took the chance to put both men through tables. Hey, it’s what they do, right?

But, what I found somewhat curious was that, while this happened, the crowd didn’t fully turn on The Dudleyz. Maybe some did, but there was also a vocal contingent cheering for the carnage. So it got me thinking. Are Bubba and Devon positioning themselves as full-on heels now? Or, are they being set up to exist in the same way that Steve Austin did-that of an anti-hero, more than a heel or a face. As in, they won’t care who they put through a table, so long as they put someone through a table. Victory, by any means necessary, if you will.

So, do you think they become the new alpha heel team? Or more of the anti-hero type?

If you see them as heels now, what happens with New Day? Do they get turned into babyfaces? Or do we end up with the top two tag teams as heels?

Does such a move help them toward their goal of a tenth tag team championship reign?

For me, I see them more as the anti-hero. They would be just as happy putting New Day through a table, as they would be in putting The Usos through tables.

I don’t think this development hurts, or alters, New Day in any way. I think they can continue doing what they do best, just as Bubba and Devon can do their own thing. If anything, we could end up with both teams as heels, at which point it will be interesting to see who WWE positions as the top face team (if not the Usos).

I do think the change helps them get lined up for that elusive tenth title reign. Having a three team TLC match at WrestleMania could be quite epic, that’s for sure.

So, WNZ readers, what do you think the future holds for The Dudleyz, and for the rest of the tag division?

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  • ‘Drowen Hart #NewNation ??

    Dudley Boyz were always better off as heels. The reason why they turn babyface often because they got over with the crowd with their heel antics. I see them going after every babyface and heel tag team on this roster. I hope they get another run with the Tag Team Titles before they think about splitting up the team.

  • Si Nicholls

    You could make the same argument about the majority of the heels currently, and in part its down to not having strong faces, 1/2 the audience want to see Roman, Ambrose, Ziggler etc beat up by Owens, Del Rio, Rusev, Wyatt Family Lesner etc. No one apart from maybe Kalisto is totally over as a heel or a face. As for the women’s division who knows the writers turn the top players so often people just have there favourites and it doesn’t matter if they are heel or face, apart from team irrelevant who have been heels since London but does anyone actually vare about Tamina & Naomi

  • Mean Dean

    The crowd actually seemed to enjoy the Dudleys destroying the usos

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