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WNZ Open Season: Farewell To Sting

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Now, nothing has been made officially official, but word has been leaked that the iconic Sting will indeed be formally announcing his retirement from wrestling, due at least in part to the damage done to his neck in his one and only shot at the WWE Championship last year. And with that news, I have two thoughts.

First is, how disappointing his time in WWE actually was. The second being “No kidding he’s retiring, he’s going into the Hall of Fame”. So let’s take a look at each, shall we?

I don’t think anyone can argue that his run in WWE was not nearly what anyone had hoped for. While I am glad that he got a WrestleMania match, and a shot at the big title, he won not a single match while in WWE, which is sort of disappointing. He did play an instrumental role in the 2014 Survivor Series and the whole Authority angle at the time, but I think that angle could have done so much more than what we got, at least so far as Sting is concerned. Even given that he is in his mid 50’s, it would have been nice, if only short-lived, to see him hold the championship. It’s not like WWE has not done that in the past…

And the second? I don’t think any WWE fan expected Sting to be announced for the Hall of Fame Class of 2016 and then to remain an active wrestler. I could see it where a guy got inducted on Saturday but worked WrestleMania for a farewell match, but that’s about it. So the minute it was out that Sting was the ’16 class headliner, it was a forgone conclusion that he was done in the squared circle. It was one of those that really didn’t need a formal announcement, because it was just obvious. Not all that different from Daniel Bryan, with perhaps the exception that, at Bryan’s age, people still held out hope that time could indeed heal all wounds. Problem for Sting is, that at age 56, time is not on his side when it pertains to wrestling again.

So, I don’t want to rain on the news, because it is news. But, it really just will make official what everyone had already known. If anything, I am probably disappointed that the news had to break now, instead of making news when Sting announced it on his own-whether that was before or during the Hall of Fame ceremonies.

In any case, I am glad I got to see Sting in a WWE ring, and working WrestleMania, and I look forward to listening to his speech in a couple weeks.

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