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WNZ Open Season: Where Do Free Agents Land?

Zeb Colter
As everyone should know by now, WWE released a bunch of talent on Friday. Some are likely done, or of limited use, but there are still some salvageable careers in the group, so they could land somewhere, possibly.

First, who I think is done:

El Torito: Honestly, unless there’s a midget revolution similar to the Divas Revolution, it’s hard to see where he lands. I don’t think anyone has been turning off TNA because of a lack of high flying midgets dressed like bulls. But, if they decide that’s the missing ingredient? He’s available. Considering his talents, I could actually imagine him landing somewhere like Lucha Underground.

Hornswoggle: I think he’s done. I really do. I just don’t see where he’d end up; it’s not like he’d been all that active as a wrestler, so I think we’ve seen the last of Hornswoggle as a wrestler on a major show.

Santino: I see this cut lining up with his retirement, which he’d pretty much announced before anyways. He has a nice training facility to keep him busy, and he will always get to be remembered for his Milan Miracle. This one just makes sense all around, and I could see him being brought in from time to time for cameos and not much else.

Cameron: She’s still young enough that someone in need of a women’s wrestler will give her a look. Problem is, she wasn’t much good, and I don’t think her time in NXT helped her in any way. That’s more an indictment of Cameron than anything else, because we’ve all seen the women that NXT has polished up before introducing them to the main roster.

Zeb Colter: I think old Zeb will take his motorized scooter and just go home. Oh, sure, if Dutch wanted to be a manager, he could go anywhere and do it. And well. But I don’t think he’s got much left to prove, so assuming he does land somewhere? I doubt it’s TNA or ROH.

Wade Barrett: I absolutely see him landing on his feet, and quickly. Given his size, his mic skills and his talent in the ring, coupled with his age? Guys like that don’t hit the open market often. Now, I’d seen some reports that his heart wasn’t in it, which makes me wonder: was his heart not into wrestling? Or not into WWE in particular? We are going to find out soon enough, because I have to imagine any 2nd tier promotion is going to be reaching out to bring him on board. If he’s truly interested in wrestling again, he should have no shortage of suitors.

Damien Sandow: As with King Wade, I’d imagine someone from TNA or ROH has already called Sandow about working there in the future. And why not? The man, on any given night, could give you any performance you need. Someone will bring him on board, he will get the chance to shine that we all thought he needed, and then we will all begin to speculate as to when he returns to WWE. It’s inevitable.

Alex Riley: Again, size and age work in his favor here, but if he couldn’t get it all together in WWE or NXT, maybe he never will. My guess, he lands something at a lesser federation, or perhaps bounces around the indy scene for a wee bit before deciding where he goes next.

Now, given the relatively unstable nature of TNA, even though several on the list could absolutely help, I don’t know that they can be afforded, Not until TNA has been fully funded by someone. Ring of Honor could make sense, and that may be the case. I’d call Lucha Underground a sleeper in all of this, as I could easily see them wooing some of the talents to LA, using the lure of steady paychecks, strong production staff and really flexible schedules.

But, regardless of where they land…outside of a couple guys, none have shown anyone that they could be a game changing talent. So while you might love to say that each and every one of these talents would stick with TNA and then go on to destroy WWE, I don’t see it happening.

WNZ readers, what do you think? Could any of these free agents help save TNA?

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