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WNZ Open Season: Who Gets Called Up Next?

It’s a question worth asking, especially since lately I did ask who we could next see come from TNA to WWE. How about who we next see making the leap from NXT to the main roster? There are certainly a number of intriguing possibilities, so it’s absolutely worth discussing. I will get things started by mentioning my current favorites, though I know we will get some excellent contributions from the readers, some of whom are rabid followers of the NXT brand.

Bayley. She’s on my list for two reasons. First and foremost? She’s the current NXT women’s champion, so right there that tells me she should represent the best of that division. And once you peak in NXT, there really should be only one place left to go, and that’s the main roster. The other? She’s been having some really excellent matches, most notable of late the 30 minute clinic that she and Sasha Banks had at NXT:Respect. I do think she can wait a bit to come up, so I would actually guess her debut on the main roster sits somewhere following WrestleMania 32.

Finn Balor. On here, again, for the same reason as Bayley. He’s the champ, so his next logical step is onto the main roster. But with the recent influx of talent, along with the youth movement, I see his main roster debut at least 6 months out. He is likely to get an entry into the Royal Rumble, with a full time push coming in the Spring or early Summer.

Samoa Joe. This one is super-obvious. He’s already made a huge name for himself, well before heading to NXT. His debut in NXT was quite simply epic, and any time I watch it, it gives me goosebumps. Any time a mystery opponent is mentioned, Joe is speculated about. He’s not a green talent, so if and when WWE decides he’s ready or they need him up, he will be there. Which could be any day now, honestly. I

James Storm. He’s obviously new to NXT, but not new to wrestling. He’s done his time in TNA, so really WWE has him in the developmental world to get used to the WWE way of things as much as anything else. Like Joe, Storm could really be called up any time and be plugged in reasonably well, but at this point I am thinking a Royal Rumble main roster debut for him is most likely.

What say you, readers of WNZ? Who is going to be the next one making their main roster debut from NXT?

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  • siddus

    Let me paint a couple of Royal Rumble pictures.
    We’ll start at the very beginning. The #1 entrant will be some random midcarder, Xavier Woods for example. We wait for the #2 entrant. The lights go out, we hear a heartbeat, and it’s Finn Balor! The roof get’s blown off for the first time that night.
    Later in the match, you Kevin Owens is there, and he cleans house of 5 or 6 guys (including Finn Balor because of the history) and he’s standing alone in the ring and being the cocky heel we all love as much as we love to hate. The countdown begins 10-9-8…. you get the picture… 2…1… It’s Sami Zayn. He’s healed and making his big return. He hits the ring with a fury and they go at it, with Sami eliminating KO as the music for the next entrant hits. Then, whilst Sami is in the midst of battle with the next guy, the sore-loser KO eliminates Sami – cue a feud heading into Wrestlemania.
    Finally, the following night on RAW Finn is scheduled for his debut RAW match against another random, say Dolph Ziggler. Finn comes out, but instead of Dolph the lights go out they come back on and he’s surrounded by Wyatt Family members who proceed to decimate him starting another Wrestlemania feud. (Bray will make up some bs about Finn talking about inner demons and monsters when he, Bray, is in fact the true demon in WWE)

    • Alex

      I love the idea of Finn Balor you came up with and could definitely see it working but I wouldn’t be surprised if Wyatt is locked in to go against Taker at WM. The Royal Rumble idea is also cool but considering Samoa Joe is definitely in the mix for the Rumble do you think its likely that 3 NXT talents enter the Rumble? I know Zayn has already debuted in WWE and is probably the most likely to enter the Rumble from NXT so I would be surprised if Balor actually does enter although I think the WWE should add the stipulation that the current NXT champion instantly earns a spot in the Rumble

      • siddus

        Everyone seems so keen to fast-track Samoa Joe that he may not be classed as NXT by then. (Personally I don’t know what the fuss is about. Yet to see anything special from him. And, even though it isn’t his fault, his entrance music is just dire.)

    • Captain Kamikaze

      I usually hate fantasy booking, but I really like this idea. I think Finn and Bray could do some cool stuff together, and Sami and Owens just makes sense. Keep the IC Title on Owens till Mania, and have them duke it out for that. Guaranteed match of the night if they get enough time.

  • Edynol

    I see Samoa Joe coming up next. The fast-tracked KO, who didn’t have much experience with WWE-style wrestling. But Joe does. TNA was built around former WWE stars who did wrestle that style and most likely taught that those who started their careers their. So Joe won’t have all that much to learn when compared to guys from the indies.

    I also see Sami Zayne coming up as soon as he recovers from his injuries. I think he was about to be called up when he was injured, then KO took his place.

    • xXwindsofchangeXx

      I think Sami Zayn will have to wait another year (probably early 2017 or so). WWE HATES it when you get injured in the middle of a push, and given that his persona is already similar in a lot of ways to Daniel Bryan, I think the powers that be will be terrified to pull the trigger on him.

      That said, they brought Tyler Breeze up with practically no warning (about damn time, but I’m not sure the method was the best idea). And with an already built-in feud ready to be booked against Kevin Owens, they could bring Zayn up with equally small buildup.

  • Mike

    I like the names mentioned, I think storm will need to wait a while, it’s not so much the style element, it’s getting a little success in nxt so they have something to talk up when it’s debut time. All new talents will go to nxt now, it doesn’t matter who they are, and that’s right. I would also say, there are some teams in nxt that would improve the tag divison. The current champs the vaudevillians, Blake and Murphy with Alexa bliss( I don’t like them, but I guess that the point of a heel) Jordan and gable would be great, the main team would of been enzo and big cass, but cass broke his leg unfortunately. Also Apollo crews will be fast tracked, I see him taking the title at some point, and then coming up in time for mania.

  • http://pure.au.dk/portal/en/persons/id%2860f929af-bf0c-46e5-afb5-355c13a4f593%29.html Andreas Lieberoth

    I think there’s a good chance of seeing Enzo and Cass getting called up soon – unless Cass’ leg injury is bad AND unless they’re too close to the New Day’s “serious comedy act”. They’re dynamic and entertaining, and can do more than just wrestle. Don’t think we’ll see Storm on the main roster maybe ever. Good chance that both he and Joe is only at NXT to add starpower to the brand, and carry some of the more inexperienced guys through matches.

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