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WNZ Open Season: More Gimmick ‘Mania Matches

We know, heading in to WrestleMania, that we have one major “gimmick” match-though I admit it’s hard to consider Hell In A Cell a gimmick. We also have a triple threat match. What else would you like to see?

For me, there are two matches I absolutely want to see make it onto the card, and a third that I’d enjoy seeing, but not sure if it will come to pass.

The first? A ladder match for a singles championship. I still have images from the WM31 ladder match for the Intercontinental Title in my head. For one thing, it’s a painless way to book some mid-carders. It fills 20 minutes (or, it should). And who doesn’t love watching a ladder match? Notice I said watch…For WrestleMania 32, I think either the IC or US title would work benefit from this match, though we know we are getting Ryback one on one with Kalisto for the US Championship, so at this point it would appear to be IC or bust.

The second? Money in the bank. Yes, I know that WWE went and made it it’s own PPV, but I really and truly think it’s time has come and gone. The concept, if you recall, started at WrestleMania. When it evolved into it’s own PPV, there were two ladder matches, one for each brand. Now that there is no split, we are back to just one match again. There is no reason that the singular MITB match can’t happen at WrestleMania again. And why this year? Because Roman Reigns is in the main event, and if you have a MITB briefcase in play, fans will at least have a sliver of hope that someone other than Reigns leaves Dallas with the title. Unless you like Reigns, in which case, hey, you probably don’t want another briefcase in play when it comes time for his match.

The third? Tables match, for the tag team titles. Yes, the Dudleys have sworn off their weapon of choice. Yes, League of Nations is more in the number 1 contender slot. But why not have a tag team turmoil scenario? Multiple teams in play. It would be chaotic, but it could be a really interesting match, if executed well. If not this, then I’d love to see an NXT/Dusty-esque tag tournament in WWE. But we won’t get that. Only NXT gets the really good stuff.

So, WNZ readers. If it were up to you, what special match would you want added? What gimmick or stipulation would you most want to see added?

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