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WNZ Open Season: Give Jericho A Chance

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Everyone who is watching WWE right now, knows all too well that now is the time of the New Era. Seth Rollins. Dean Ambrose. AJ Styles. Finn Balor. Kevin Owens. Throw out all those names, and most are NXT graduates. Most are younger, and some are just new to the WWE Universe.  And while the New Era is indeed very exciting and entertaining and fresh, I am here to champion the cause of one particular Superstar who, I think, deserves another title run.

Chris Jericho.

No, Deegan hasn’t lost his marbles.

Here’s why. Well, actually there are several reasons why, so let’s go through them.

First? There are a lot of wrestling fans, under a certain age, who’ve never had the chance to see a Jericho title reign. Oh, sure, they can watch it on WWE Network, but it’s not the same. Jericho, despite not being the tallest, the largest or the seemingly strongest dog in any fight, has been one of the best wrestlers his generation has known. It’s been a long time since he’s held the title. Technically, he’s never held either title that exists now, because they didn’t exist when he last reigned supreme. Even if he only held it a month. Or a night. Another Jericho reign would be epic.

Second? For all the love guys like Cena get (and he also gets hate, too), Jericho often gets overlooked. Sure, he cuts as good a promo as anyone in the business ever has, but he’s not as flashy, he isn’t as popular with the kids, as say, John Cena. But, to look at it like that and only that would be, frankly, dismissive. Jericho will happily remind you that he was the first man to be the undisputed champion, to basically unify the two disparate WWE Heavyweight belts. It was a huge experience for him, but it’s one that he deserves again.

I think Chris hasn’t touched it in a while, in part, because he’s shown himself to be an amazing veteran presence in the lockers. He’s excited to work with the new talents, with the young guys, to establish them and build them up as the future of the industry. And, let’s be honest, that he’s willing to put them over is awesome. But why can’t he have one last run? Show the young guns how it’s done. How you cut a wicked promo. How you pop the crowd, how you sell tickets and put butts in the seats.

I don’t know what it would take, but I for one would love seeing him winning a major title just one more time.

WNZ readers, what do you think?

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