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WNZ Open Season: Triple H Vs. The Rock?

WWE Championship
If you did not see Sunday’s Royal Rumble, stop reading now.

If you are still reading, you’ve been warned. Spoilers ahead.

At the Rumble, we got to see a new WWE World Heavyweight Champion crowned. Hunter Hearst Helmsley came out as the 30th entrant into the Rumble, and outlasted everyone else to win the championship, eliminating Reigns and then Dean Ambrose.

Now, many assume that this will be one more attempt to get Roman Reigns over, by having HHH leave his shovel at home and put Roman over in Texas. But…what if that is not in the card?

What if Rock meant more with his announcement, than just, say, guest hosting?

Let’s be honest. Rock and Hunter do have some unfinished business, based on the prior WrestleMania. And, considering that Vince loves a huge main event…would it get much bigger than Hunter versus Rock, for the WWE Championship?

I see this going one of three ways, honestly.

Option 1: Rock is just straight-up in the match. WWE pulls the plug and goes in a different direction with Roman for now.

Option 2: Rock is guest hosting,  and Roman Reigns is in the main event. But similar to what happened when Bret Hart main evented against Yokozuna, where Hulk Hogan issued an impromptu challenge and won the title, Roman gets hurt, or incapacitated, and Rock issues an impromptu challenge-and leaves Texas with the gold.

Option 3: Rock has nothing to do with the match in any capacity.

Honestly, number 1 and 2 make a ton of sense. Since the world already knows that The Rock will be at ‘Mania, it really doesn’t matter if he’s in that match, or any other match. He will be there, we will be entertained.

WNZ readers, do you think WWE pulls the plug on the Roman Reigns experiment? Do we turn the calendars back a decade or so and get a main event of Rock versus Hunter?

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  • Mean Dean

    If WWE is smart, they don’t put Roman in the main event at mania, let him build his character this year without being forced, keep him in the upper mid card for now, I wouldn’t even mind if HHH coasts with the gold until Rollins is healthy again.
    Of course it makes it hard to decide who is worthy enough right now to have a successful feud with HHH, of course The Rock vs HHH would be money, but what to do after that? I believe randy orton should be returning soon, he still has some unfinished business with the authority. Or even Daniel Bryan, that would give HHH a good chance to bury him, since it’s obvious that Vince doesn’t want Bryan around. Orton and Bryan are the only ones I can think of that could be money until Rollins returns. Roman just isn’t good for business right now, ratings in free fall, events not selling out etc.. Of course Ambrose would work too, but since he’s IC champ, he needs a program with heel ziggler

    • Mike

      roman is very over. Not with smarks but he is over with causal fans and kids. Always worked for cena, roman is among the most popular on the roster and he is clearly a star.

      • Mean Dean

        The crowd last night told a whole different story

        • Mike

          Yes at ppvs you often get smark crowds. The reaction he gets each and we and every week on raw tells a different story.

          • Mean Dean

            These last two weeks it really seemed as if the majority didn’t really care that he was there, of course when they team him with Ambrose the crowd sounds like there cheering him…

          • The Shockmaster

            I reckon the ‘cheers’ are piped in to the arena.

          • Fat Owens Fat

            then they must be piping the cheers for the indy guys aswell as piping boos for the heels. #screwlogic

          • The Shockmaster

            Nope, just the cheers for Reigns and the Feed Me More chants for Ryback.

  • Philip Hollett

    We really really really do not need Rock back. Enough with Attitude era fossils coming back. Give the currents stars all the chances. Yes we all love Rocky 15 years ago, but come on, is Jericho not cringeworthy enough?

    • Fat Owens Fat

      Selective IWC Amnesia my friend. When CM Junk was around, everyone gave Rocky and Lesnar a hard time for being part timers and everything and when now the WWE wants to move forward with young superstars, they want the company to go hire the old guys back again. Its always their way or the highway.

  • PlanoStu

    I think they need HHH vs Rock at this particular WM. Or I can see Rollins coming back as a face to take back his title

    • ‘Drowen Hart #NewNation ??

      I see Rollins returning at Summerslam. I doubt he’ll recover in time for Wrestlemania.

  • Mike

    Cant see any point with having the rock win the title, he will be away again for a long time after. There is no way on earth he walks out champ. I doubt he even fights. Roman will get his shot in texas. Good luck to him, I like roman.

  • ‘Drowen Hart #NewNation ??

    I don’t see Rock wrestling this year due to his film commitments. The last time he wrestled, he got hurt and had to get surgery and one of his films got delayed because of that. I think Hollywood executives don’t want that to happen again to a guy who’s box office in movies. Rock going after the title would only be a good idea if he decides to get a little bit more involved with WWE.

  • MEH

    I’m just wondering who’s the major star returning tonight: Bryan, Orton, Rollins, Rock, Hogan????

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