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WNZ Open Season: When Does Kalisto Lose?

Wyatt Family
And to whom? I think by now, most fans had expected a Kalisto loss, and that we’d be able to talk about his unlikely, but pretty neat, little run with the US title. But, as I write this on May 8th, he’s still champion, in spite of some pretty big challenges.

So, with that in mind, this one gets two questions. First, when does he finally lose the belt. Second, to whom?

In terms of timing? I’m thinking he might actually manage to hold onto it until SummerSlam, though I am unwilling to entirely rule out a title change on RAW. Honestly, in my head, the when depends on the who. Meaning, if it’s going to be some mid-card talent with not much to gain, a RAW title win is fine. If they see big things in the future for the next champion, I’d expect a bigger to-do on a PPV. With me so far?

OK. So who takes it from him? Here are some ideas.

Someone from The Wyatt Family

Vague? Perhaps. I think the US Title, in theory, would be beneath Bray. Except, he’s never been a champion in WWE, and if he became US Champion, I think he could boost it as Cena did with his run. But anyone in the clan could win it, and be a decent champion even for a brief run.

Baron Corbin

This one might be “too soon”, but clearly WWE has big things in mind for him, as giving him the Andre trophy proves. But putting him over Kalisto for the belt, something Ryback wasn’t allowed to do before he took his ball and went home for a bit, could send a message. And, possibly, set up the next big man versus big man feud.

Apollo Crews

If Corbin is seen as too soon, so too may Crews. But, like Corbin, I do believe this man has a bright future ahead of him, so there’s a method to the madness.

Finn Balor

Wouldn’t it be neat if Kalisto issued an open challenge one night, a la Cena, and out came Balor to challenge and win in his debut match? He avoids the “too soon” argument because of his distinguished NXT Title reign. Clearly this could work, and I think it would potentially elevate the US Title as high as Cena ever did.

Rusev/Del Rio

To me, these are interchangeable. But having either one of these guys come in and decimate him for the title? It’s a good way to get heat back on them, and re-develop them as significant heels. Both can and should be, but the League of Nations program didn’t do them any favors. And considering that Rusev has the first crack at Kalisto? Well, surely he’s got to be in the discussion.

John Cena

Because, why not? Seriously, I doubt he comes back and challenges for the title, especially if the rumored plans are true and he’s expected to challenge Roman Reigns at SummerSlam. But anything is possible.

So, WNZ readers…when do you think Kalisto drops the belt, and to whom?

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  • jcice13

    first it would have to be a heel right? and I think it’s time he lost and maybe the time is right for Rusev to have a run with it now that Lana is back and they don’t have the LON any more and what better way to turn Rusev than with matches vs Shameless and ADR? cause we all know that sooner or later the turn is coming, after all they did try and turn Lana when she went with Dolph so it appears that they want her to be a face at some point, so they can have her use her womanly wiles and convince Rusev he should embrace the red white and blue

  • Lisa

    John Cena? Really? He’s too big for the US title. No chance in hell of him competing for a midcard title.

    • jcice13

      too big??? I must have been having a flashback from the brown acid at woodstock because I could have sworn he was the US champ for a while recently

      • Lisa

        He’s been there, done that. He won’t be wasting his time holding a midcard title this time around.

        • jcice13

          and he’ll be back doing it again, he’ll do whatever they tell him

          • Lisa

            Why would anyone tell him to do it again? No chance. When he returns he’ll be looking to tie Ric Flair’s record of 16 world titles.

          • jcice13

            there’s only 2 answers to your question.why not and because using your inane logic he’s been there and done that with the world title too.he’s going to do whatever they tell him and that’s all there is to it.

          • Lisa

            He’s the biggest star in the company and he’s a MAIN EVENTER – not a midcarder.

          • jcice13

            and yet he’s still going to do what he’s told so your point is moot. I am done with you you have zero ability to understand and carry a conversation on Cena because you love him, that’s fine I’m not saying anything negative about it but you defend this guy like he’s your husband or father, if he’s so above it like you say then why was he holding this “mid card” belt? because he was told to do so

          • Lisa

            How many times did you see Steve Austin (from 1998 onward) and The Rock (from 1999 onward) fight for a midcard title? I can guarantee you there’s no chance in hell of Cena wrestling for a midcard title (again) anytime soon.

  • Bo Boston

    Two words: DEAN AMBROSE!

  • The Shockmaster

    Give it to Roman so then Seth can feud with him about who is the better double-champion.

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