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WNZ Open Season: MITB At WM32?

With just about a month to go until the biggest PPV of the year, it’s the perfect time to speculate about matches and direction.

And that’s exactly what I intend to do now. And for my inspiration, I look to the current environment around a certain main event performer, and what happened at last year’s event.

Specifically, I am looking at Roman Reigns, and the Money In The Bank cash-in.

Yes, readers, I am fully aware that, since Sheamus cashed his in in November, there is no MITB Contract holder. At the moment, anyways.

But, if I were Roman? I’d be very nervous if, suddenly, talks pointed to a multi-wrestler ladder match at WrestleMania. And no, I am not crazy. Considering the match started at WrestleMania, there’s no reason not to have one there. And, there’s not much of a reason to have an entire PPV dedicated to the one specific match, so why not kill two birds with one stone: move the match to ‘Mania, and make MITB become King of the Ring? (Seriously though, but I digress).

But back to my point. Outside of the November/December timeframe, when it seemed like Roman was winning over hearts and minds, he is struggling to gain traction. But, in spite of that, and a tepid fan reaction to his win at Fastlane, WWE is moving forward with him. Perhaps his facial injuries leave them with an out clause, should they choose to go there. But I think they need to think bigger. And what is a bigger out clause than having someone be the new Mr. Money in the Bank?

As in, have the Money in the Bank match at WM32, as the opening bout. In it, you can have Dean Ambrose, Neville, Kevin Owens, Sheamus, whomever you want really. But have another briefcase be in play. Yes, I know we just had a cash-in at ‘Mania, and yes I know we’ve also seen a cash-in on the same night as the briefcase was won. But it would provide a new wrinkle on things.

Do I think WWE adds the match to the card? Not likely.

But if they do, and I am Roman Reigns? I’d be expecting to not be champion once the PPV goes off-air.

WNZ readers, what do you think?

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  • MikeLo #NewNation

    Cesaro will win MITB

  • That boy Alejandro

    I wish they would but most likely they wont. I expect a multi men ladder match for the u.s. title just like last year with the intercontinental title and aj style against kevin owens for the IC title. They need to replace battleground with king of the ring.

  • Crazy_Victor

    No way. And if that happens, and the winner cashes in in the match like last year, then you will have another year building Roman again. It’s time for Roman to have his WM moment, get the belt for a good run this time and move on.

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