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WNZ Open Season: Miz Better Than He Gets Credit For?

WWE Hall of Fame
Before you yell at me through your computer, hear me out. I am not talking about how you might think he married way beyond his capabilities. I’m not talking about his run with the world championship, one which actually saw him be a main event at WrestleMania. Nor his runs with the other title belts. No, in this instance what I am really looking at is his number of Intercontinental Championships. For a man who’s quietly been in WWE nearly a decade, he’s currently on his fifth reign.

I’ll admit. I don’t particularly care for The Miz, but when I heard that number-5-thrown out the other day, it made me pause. To put this into perspective, that is more than halfway toward the record number of reigns-that would be Chris Jericho, at nine. Now, for the moment, I don’t consider Miz a threat to tie or eclipse that mark, but it astounds me that he’s even in the same zip code as that record. So it got me thinking: how will Miz be remembered, in terms of historic significance? Would I live to see the day that Mike Mizanin, former MTV reality star, gets a spot in the WWE Hall of Fame?

Well, as long as I live a while, I have to say…probably. Scary, right?

But let’s face facts. There is not a title belt in WWE that Miz has not held. He’s held various belts a bunch of times. He’s done it as a singles talent and as a tag team wrestler. On the basis of just the titles he’s won, there’s no doubt he will be a Hall of Famer one day. I’m not crazy enough to put him as a headliner-I don’t think he’s there, and I don’t know if he ever gets there, considering he is 35. But he’s definitely going in, unless he pulls a Snuka or Hogan.

I don’t think he’s at a point yet, where we would entertain him in the discussions about “Greatest Intercontinental Champions ever”. He’d need a couple more reigns, or a really long reign, or a lot of days in total, to force himself into that argument. Guys like Jericho, Morales and Honky Tonk Man are at the top of that list, and for good reason. But if Miz keeps things up? I think in a couple years, he’s going to push to be in that conversation.

So, WNZ readers, what do you think about The Miz, and his historical ranking?

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  • Mikey Shango #DunDunDuuunnnnnn

    Miz is GOAT

  • http://NUNAYSHON.com #NBNC Hawk HENRY #NewNation ??

    Lol crazy Miz has been in the WWE for 11 years AND has accomplished so much…

  • That boy Alejandro

    Miz needs to bring back his mohawk lol

  • Si Nicholls

    Miz has got to that point in his career, a bit like Shamus where he is “successful” with belts on an interim basis with the long term goal of putting someone else over.

  • Mike

    I think he is one of the best heels in the company, in terms of actually being a heel and getting heat, not many are better. He isn’t one of my favourites, however he is always good for a solid fued.

  • Jakerams

    Miz has done all the things possible in the current form of WWE except win the Royal Rumble. Miz has main evented wrestlemania and won by defeating Cena, he has won the IC title, US title, Tag Titles, MITB, and more. Miz could easily headline a hall of fame ceremony though fans may not like him considering he’s a true heel he’s great outside of the ring and he’s one of the best on the mics at WWE.

    Miz is one of the greatest of all time he created the Mizdow gimmick bringing Sandow into relevancy though WWE dropped the ball with that.

    But anyways yeah Miz doesn’t get enough credit and he’s easily had a headliner career in WWE.

    • Dorathy

      I totally agree

  • Zack

  • Zack

    Miz is great on the mic. That’s his gift. He won’t be confused for a Bret Hart or a Cesaro in the ring but he can play his role well. I remember back in like 2012, I wanted him and Dolph Ziggler to be a tag team since I saw them as a modern day Road Dogg (Miz)/Billy Gunn (Dolph) and they could’ve been an awesome team.

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