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WNZ Open Season: Next Tag Champs Are…?

So, as of the end of the Leap Day RAW, we have a tag team championship match lined up, pitting New Day against the new team of AJ Styles and Chris Jericho. But it was not all that long ago where The Dudleys were declaring their intentions to get serious about getting that 10th reign.

So, which team will be WWE’s next tag team championship team? Or will it not be either?

Why it would be Y2AJ:

This one makes sense because it’s a hot new team, comprised of two of the best singles wrestlers in the industry. But, as we know, singles wrestlers don’t always make great tag wrestlers. But these two have been booked strongly, having now pinned the champions twice in a week. Plus, they have a shot before The Dudleys do, so there’s that working in their favor. I think it would be pretty neat to see, though I have this feeling that, if AJ and Jericho were to win, it would be a short-lived reign.

Why it would be The Dudleys:

Primarily because of the quest for that elusive 10th reign. I don’t know if there even needs to be much other justification. But, I think, before these two get another run, WWE needs to figure out-are they heels or faces? Because, what they’ve done lately should make them absolute heels, but I don’t think they’ve gotten fully over as heels. Attacking The Usos must be like having a heel attack John Cena-it gets a reaction, but not usually the one you wanted.

Why it would be someone else:

Well, if WWE wants to keep the belts on New Day a while longer, maybe neither of these two mentioned teams claims gold. Which would mean any other team could seize the day, even if the titles don’t change hands for a few months. We could see The Usos claim them. Perhaps The Wyatts go chase gold again. Maybe an NXT team is called up and they get pushed to the moon? Anything is possible.

For my money, I would not object to either The Dudleys or Y2AJ becoming new champions, as I like both teams for their own reasons. I have a feeling things become unsettled over the next few weeks, and we end up with some tag team turmoil match at WrestleMania to determine who walks away with the titles.

WNZ Readers, what do you think?

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  • biz

    For some reason, I’ve been feeling like either AJ or Y2J are gonna turn on the other tonight

  • It Begins kid

    I miss Kidd & Cesaro

  • That boy Alejandro

    New day should retain at wrestlemania getting a wrestlemania moment, i see enzo amore and big cass debuting the raw after wrestlemania and winning the titles

  • Si Nicholls

    The Dudleys were fantastic, but tag titles now, no there are better fitter and younger teams out there. The Dudleys in my view should be the big show or Kane of the tag division, used to put over up and coming talent and training in the ring during matches

  • MikeLo #NewNation

    The Brain Busters

  • Jakerams

    Keep it on New Day until a great team like American Alpha takes the titles from them. Jordan and Gable could easily use the tag team division as a way to showcase each of their strengths as well as build them both for great singles careers.

    The Dudleys and USO’s are kinda stale at the moment I’d rather have the League of Nations use the numbers advantage on New Day than to see any other current team on the main roster win the titles from them.

    Y2AJ is really just not interesting to me. AJ Styles only has a few good years left in his career at his current age and should be making the most of that as a singles competitor and not teaming with Jericho.

    • MikeLo #NewNation

      It’ll be awhile before American Alpha come to the main roster

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