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WNZ Open Season: NFL Draft Edition

I don’t know about my readers, but I am a big fan of the NFL Draft. As someone said on a radio show this week, it’s one of the most fun times of the sports year (and this goes for a couple drafts, really). Why? Because on one day, or a weekend, you can be both fans of the college and pro experience, and all share in the fun. So, how does this tie into WWE? It’s no secret that a number of current and former Superstars performed on the gridiron before making their in-ring debuts. So, it’s always interesting to look at the talent and wonder just who would make another great WWE Superstar.

While this is all purely hypothetical, just for fun, and has no basis in reality, it’s still fun to wonder what if. So, let’s wonder with a few options, shall we?

1. Myles Jack

Yes, the young and talented Jack was taken by Jacksonville in the 2nd round, but hear me out. This guy was, at times, expected to go in the top 10. He went about 30 spots later than most had expected, in large part due to a knee injury and the questions over the severity of it. But, when healthy? He’s a physical freak, a specimen. WWE can always use amazing athletes, and he’d be on that list. Could you imagine if a college player, someone perhaps on the fringe, or someone who was just desperate for a shot at a big payday. Or, perhaps someone who wanted to avoid the contact and wear and tear. There are plenty of kids coming out of college who would rather the paycheck than anything else.

2. LaQuan McGowan

OK, perhaps calling him a prospect is considered a reach by some, but the reality is this guy is 6 foot 7 and over 400 pounds. He’s a big boy. Could you imagine a guy that size coming into say, the Royal Rumble and knocking out Mark Henry, or just about anyone else he wanted to. With guys like Henry and Big Show winding their careers down, LaQuan could be a new generation of giant for WWE.

3. Shawn Oakman

Sticking with Baylor for a moment, here’s another big guy. More in the build of a tall, muscular, jacked warrior, he could be a tremendous talent for years to come. Problem is, he’s got himself into a bit of legal trouble. While it may, of course, blow over, there’s also a chance that it won’t. But, if ever a guy of his physique couldn’t find a home in the NFL, Vince McMahon would welcome him with open arms.

4. Laremy Tunsil

The massive offensive lineman dropped and was taken about 10 spots lower than expected, and the drop was certainly at least partly blamed on a picture, released minutes before the draft, showing Tunsil doing a bong hit via a gas mask. Not the brightest move, though it was several years old and Tunsil claims he was hacked. Regardless, he’s a big and talented guy, so if ever the football thing doesn’t work out for him…though, WWE would have an issue with the pot use, too.

WNZ fans, which players drafted in the 2016 draft would you most like to see in a WWE ring?

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  • Si Nicholls

    I thought Strowman would be there next giant, no need for any-more big lumberous men in the ring

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