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WNZ Open Season: NXT Trumps TNA

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I’ll be honest, as I have always tried to be. I watch very little of the TNA product. Far less now, than even a year ago. Sometimes, when I was flipping through the channels, if TNA happened to be on, I might linger for a few minutes and watch-as a mere curiousity, nothing more.

Now? I don’t even bother. If I want to watch, I might hit YouTube. Big emphasis on if.

NXT used to be in the same boat for me. And honestly, not because I didn’t want to watch every wrestling show on Earth, but simply I don’t have time, every week, to habitually watch and enjoy all the programming. But I was happy to jump on to wherever I needed to go, and watch the highlights. And there have been highlights, in abundance, for a while now. WWE, and a few specific executives in particular, have done well with the program.

I probably could have argued, and won, that even 2 years ago, NXT was at least as good as TNA, in spite of TNA having scores of WCW/WWE talent that either didn’t want to work for the company¬† anymore, or wanted an easier schedule, or some other reason.

But now? It’s no contest. If you were ranking top major wrestling promotions? NXT would be a firm number two. If NXT was not owned and operated by WWE, then they’d be able to challenge the WWE programming-not in production value, strictly going off of in ring talent.

This idea hit me when WWE brought Samoa Joe to NXT last year. It hit me again with word coming out recently that, quite possibly, AJ Styles is making his way to WWE (I presume if he does indeed sign, he’s heading to NXT first). There are others, of course, like James Storm.

And the one point that sticks with me is I was sure Vince, or someone else high up, had gone on record as saying WWE wasn’t inclined to bring over TNA talent, that they were perfectly pleased bringing in indy guys and developing them further in NXT. My guess is that, as well as that development is working, they recognized that talent is talent, and if there’s talent out there that can help the company, regardless of who they worked for previously, they are worth bringing in.

But, with all the TNA alums coming over-and with TNA still struggling-here’s the big question: should WWE leave them be, and just poach off the talent they want, as they’ve been doing? Or should WWE just bite the bullet and buy the company, euthanizing it in the process? In my mind, they aren’t too far off from it, but I say leave them be. If I were TNA, I’d actually blatantly rip a page out of WWE’s book and do what I could to go full streaming/on-demand like the WWE Network. I think they need to do something that radical to change their game, but even then I have doubts.

So, WNZ readers. Can TNA ever challenge NXT at this point? Or has that ship sailed?


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  • Si Nicholls

    They can in the UK because NXT was taken off TV and put just on the network which costs twice the amount per month over here than in the States, whilst TNA is still on free to air TV. So whilst that set-up remains TNA will always be the bigger company over here

    • robvanriot

      I also live in the UK and respectfully disagree with you. NXT is far bigger than TNA over here. You only have to look at the attendance figures for the recent NXT tour, and the sell-out at Wembley Arena. TNA would have no chance of selling tickets on that level.

  • Damian Starr

    One big thing, think of the banks of money that HHH has to play with in order to create his little empire of NXT then look at the top talent (in ring and out ring) he is able to lure with top facilities and big pay. Then look at the (historic) financial issues TNA has, they don’t do live show, 95% of TV is pre taped, very few tours as limited resources and I think you’ll have your answer. NXT has more to work with and will therefore be the better product over all. They have a easily accessible fan base to persuade to watch it as well. I’m a fairly big TNA fan but even I can see that NXT is the superior product

    Also James storm has signed a 2 year deal with TNA…

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