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WNZ Open Season: Possibilities For Shane-‘Taker

It’s pretty much the dominant topic in pro wrestling circles at the moment, and for good reason. Shane McMahon, the prodigal son, has returned to WWE and will face off against The Undertaker, in Hell in a Cell, at WrestleMania 32.

Now, what many are wondering, is just how this match makes sense. Because it kind of doesn’t. So many of us are expecting a curveball or two to be thrown our way between now and April, and the first may come on next week’s RAW, as ‘Taker himself is due to appear.

So, here’s some options:

1-Taker shows up on Monday and tells Vince to pound sand. While it’s not too great of an idea to tell off your boss, Undertaker is a legend and can likely do no wrong. He’d have to do a lot in order to fall out of Vince’s good graces, and considering it’s all scripted, what are the odds of that happening?

2-Shane, with all of his monies from outside WWE, has brokered a deal to bring back CM Punk on a short term deal. This one, while it sounds crazy, would be so easy to sell, from a variety of angles. For one, both Punk and Shane were or are proponents of the idea that WWE needs to be fixed/saved. Shane could sell it to Punk as something like “we love wrestling, we love WWE from the past, but we need to save it from itself”. For another, Punk thought he was going to beat the Streak, so it would give him some measure of revenge. Plus, I somehow doubt that either Vince McMahon or Dana White would have major issues with the move, since the publicity from it would be massive.

3-Shane moves forward and wrestles Undertaker, but just when it appears likely The Phenom will win, John Cena’s music hits and out he comes, breaking into the Cell and saving Shane. This one works because, even though Cena is making progress in rehab, an early April return would still be wickedly premature. Having Cena doing a run-in, and/or saving things like that? It gives you a feel-good moment, control of the company would change hands, and it lays the groundwork for Cena/Undertaker at WrestleMania 33-even though it was speculated to be the match this year.

4-Shane moves forward, but brings back The Mean Street Posse for backup. I mean, heck, if we are going down Memory Lane for so many other things, why can’t we get Rodney and Pete Gas and their wonderfully snobby sweaters back in WWE, even if only for a month?

I’ll tell you this much, readers. I don’t know where they will take this program, though I am intrigued at the possibilities.

What kind of curve-if any-do you expect for this match once WWE gets to Dallas?

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  • Bite Me You Loser

    Shane brings with him the new Bullet club (proof?) to help him beat down the Undertaker.

    • ‘Drowen Hart #NewNation ??

      It makes sense but I heard that HHH prefers that Finn stays in NXT for a little longer and not be called up yet.

    • MikeLo #NewNation


  • ‘Drowen Hart #NewNation ??

    Mean Street Posse? Really Deegan Really ???

  • biz

    Come on John, stop posting articles just to post them. The mean street posse would be stupid to have return when there’s so many active members of the roster. Shane makes sense as he is a McMahon, but who really would care to see them?

    Secondly, CM Punk is signed to ufc and he is currently out with an Injury. Dana would never let him wrestle when he’s had to postpone his debut due to injury. he also is being sued by the wwe doctor.

    I really wish that this site would stop posting pointless articles that are 3 paragraphs long and are filled with head canon. It gives this site zero credibility when you can literally go to 5 other sites and they post that punk isn’t returning and then we read this.

  • Someguy

    ( ?¬į ?? ?¬į)?

    • Joseph Lisnow

      That an emoji or something you made using your keyboard?

  • It Begins kid

  • Orbit Storm

    Not sure that I expect much of anything. Everything Creative has done in recent months has been very vanilla — even the “surprise” angles. I refuse to put any faith in their ability to produce an engaging product going forward.

  • siddus

    I’ll repost my suggestion as it is much better than anything in this article….

    The match starts as normal. Vince has the League of Nations surrounding the Cell to prevent any babyfaces from coming down to assist Shane. Indeed, someone does come down to try and help (let’s say Big Show, after his shared history with Shane) but they get beaten down by the LoN.
    Shane starts using the toys to make it a more even bout, and it works for a while but Undertaker (naturally) regains the upper hand. Then, down from the rafters/scaffolding rappels….. Sting. He breaks into the Cell via the roof, and takes down Undertaker with his trusty baseball bat. We now have our WM33 match set for Taker/Sting. Shane picks up the win.
    The following night on RAW Shane comes out and proclaims that “a change is gonna come”. Now, while he may have full control of RAW he won’t be there every week. He is appointing a new RAW Commissioner: Daniel Bryan/Mick Foley/Edge (pick your favourite).

    • Joseph Lisnow

      Since Owen Hart, WWE is done having wrestlers propel from the rafters.

      • siddus

        If that is true then their paranoia knows no bounds. Thousands of theatrical shows have performers descending from above. Hell, less than a month ago I was at a Cirque du Soleil show where performers were descending from above not even hooked up to safety harnesses. To suggest that it would be unsafe for a performer, harnessed up, to descend down to the Cell is wrong plain and simple. If WWE felt that way it would be extremely closed minded and I’m not sure that my low opinion of WWE stretches that far.

    • Damian Starr

      Isn’t it an open air stadium? might have to come from the titantron?

      • siddus

        That’s why i said rafters/scaffolding. There’s always some sort of rigging above the ring for the lighting, etc.

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