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WNZ Open Season: Why Protect Bray Wyatt?

Wyatt Family
Hear me out, dear readers.

At Fastlane, we had The Wyatt Family face off against Ryback, Big Show and Kane. Bray was there, but not in the match. Why??

This one hit me before the PPV, but it’s still bugging me now, especially seeing as how he participated in the return engagement on the RAW after Fastlane. Why does it seem like WWE is minimzing how often he’s an active wrestler?

It sounds absurd. I know it. You know it. But if they aren’t, then why on God’s green Earth would they have him NOT be part that tag team match, considering he had nothing else to do that night. He was in no other match on Fastlane. I doubt he’s injured (if he was, why could he wrestle 24 hours later, on their free cable weekly show?)

For the life of me, I cannot think of a really good reason WWE would keep him out of action. I mean, here’s a guy who is talented, and over, and supposed to be one of the key characters for WWE into the future.

As I ponder it, about the only reasons I come back to are these two.

First, maybe they hate that as a heel, he’s more over as a face. So perhaps they hold him out to try and cut into that (though, if that’s the case, it’s not a great idea, and I don’t see it working).

Second, and I really hope it’s not this either, but I am wondering if they know which direction to go with his character, and/or they are struggling to know what program to get him into next. Are they pondering a face turn? Would be hard to believe, but not entirely implausible. Are they at a loss relative to how to move forward with him? If so, what does that say for the state of Creative in WWE?

Honestly, WNZ readers, I don’t know what to think. For someone who has shown promise, he seems stuck in neutral. What is going on with Bray, and how he is being used?

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  • El Marichachi

    Bray should’ve won the rumble n had HHH screw Roman to Set up their Match. Bray is way more talented than Roman

    • Joseph Lisnow

      idk what’s going on with Bray as of late. no push at all.

  • Mike

    I assume he didn’t wrestle because the wyatts lost at fast lane, and that was obviously the idea, to help ryback with his own turn. So why have bray on the end of a loss.

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