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WNZ Open Season: What Reigns As #1 Means

WWE Champion
In case you missed it-and I hope you didn’t-Roman Reigns is going to be the first man into the Rumble match come Sunday.

On one hand, it makes total sense-and not because the McMahons are out to screw him over (although there is that, too). Roman Reigns enters the match as the champion. He is defending it against all comers. So why should he be given the cushy assignment of entering #30? In some manner, having him in from the opening bell is logical-though I also acknowledge that, if the stipulations were the same, someone like Seth Rollins would have been assured of a late entry.

On the other hand? I throw my hands up. I shake my head. Because it’s more of “Get Reigns over at all costs”. It feels more and more like he’s being force-fed to us, even at a point where that no longer has to happen. I am wondering if someone in Creative hasn’t been watching the past couple months, because while maybe he’s not as over as they want…Reigns is over, and gaining traction. But opting to shove him down our throats, to put him in a spot where he has to eliminate 29 other men (or, at least, outlast them)…I think it’s asking for trouble. It’s not really fair to Reigns, either. If he wins, perhaps breaking the record for eliminations in a single Rumble along the way, there will be plenty of fans complaining about how unrealistic it was, or how forced it was. If he loses, people will say that if The Authority wanted the belt off of him so badly, why not just strip it from him. For Reigns, it’s almost a can’t win scenario.

Which leads me to this other thought. Is this a case where WWE is booking him, shoving him down our throats. Or is this more obvious, where they are effectively saying that there is no way Roman Reigns leaves the Royal Rumble as champion? Based on how things went down on Monday night, a final grouping with Reigns, Jericho, Lesnar and Wyatt would not shock me-or probably anyone else. But is WWE booking the Rumble like this to build Reigns up? Or to bring the Roman Empire crashing down? Right now, I am thinking it’s a fall, if only temporarily, rather than a build up.

WNZ readers, what do you think? Do you like the booking at all? Do you expect Reigns to walk out still WWE Champion?

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  • Philip Hollett

    HHH has been absent since Roman ‘put him in hospital’. Steph and Vince have made zero mention of Hunter. I will bet my kidneys HHH will be #30 at the Rumble winning the title for the 50th time with Brock, Roman and HHH the last 3.

    Wyatts come down and drag Brock out and beat up Roman enough for Trips to Pedigree and thrown over top rope. Leading to Brock v Stoman & Harper and FastLane and Wyatt at Wrestlemania Hell in a Cell.

    Roman gets to fight Ambrose, Owens and Sheamus or Alberto in a fatal 4 way at Fast Lane to earn a #1 Contender match at WM.

    • Lisa

      Triple H becoming world champion at this stage of his career is beyond ridiculous.

      • Philip Hollett

        I agree, Triple H ever becoming World Champ is ridiculous, but I guess it helps to marry the bosses daughter.

        • Lisa

          He should keep his big nose away from the world title.

          • Philip Hollett

            he should, unfortunately he and Vince see him as the ‘End Boss’ of WWE. Like that time when they tried to tell CM Punk v Triple H in a non title match was a main event and more important than winning the title.

            Triple H is the Kanye West of Pro Wrestling. Deluded.

          • Lisa

            I agree.

          • Joseph Lisnow

            that make Steph the Kim of pro wrestling?

  • Si Nicholls

    HHH winning this years Rumble would be WWE’s David Arqette moment

  • The Shockmaster

    One more time…

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