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WNZ Open Season: Which Rumble Record Falls?

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With Roman Reigns going into the Rumble first, and this match being either an effort to destroy him, or further push him, it got me thinking. Roman Reigns already has the record for most eliminations in a single Rumble, with 12. The record for longest time in a Rumble is just over 62 minutes. These could absolutely be in jeopardy come Sunday-assuming that Reigns is winning the Rumble and heading to WrestleMania.

So, which ones will fall on Sunday? What records are safe, if any?

First, the safe one. Unless WWE stars using a clock that counts to the tenths of a second (or smaller), then Santino is stuck having been eliminated the quickest-he was only in a mere second, barely long enough to have even counted.

Now, for the not so safe ones.

Total time in a Rumble (cumulative). This list has a name on it whom we know is in the match (Jericho), as well as a few names who could be (Kane, HHH and even possibly Rey Mysterio). If only Jericho enters the Rumble, he would have to last nearly 47 minutes to become the record-holder for this one. Is it impossible? Not at all. But he’d need to be one of the first few men in the match, and he’d have to last till very nearly the end of the show. He’d need to be very lucky. Conversely, if Kane enters the Rumble, he would only need about 32 minutes of ring time to break the mark. That is, of course, unless the record holder himself enters. If the COO of WWE decides to join in the fun come Sunday, his already-record number of 3 hours, 51 minutes and 40 seconds will only grow.

Longest time in a single Rumble. If you look at the list, most of these guys have one thing in common: they weren’t the biggest guys in the ring. Of the top five longest times, only one (HHH, at just over an hour) could be called a big man, similar in size to Roman Reigns. When people think of someone lasting an hour or more in a Rumble, you think back to Ric Flair, to Shawn Michaels, to Bret Hart. Nowadays, you’d think of Dolph Ziggler, or Neville, or Rollins. Not Roman Reigns. But in order for Roman to win the match and retain the title, he very well may have to break this record-which is held by Mysterio, and currenty sits at one hour, two minutes and 12 seconds, set back in 2006.

Most eliminations in a single Rumble. This is already a record Reigns holds, but it could be broken this year-and not just by Reigns. If Reigns hangs around the whole night-even if he does not win-he could best his previous record of 12. He may have to. But if he doesn’t break his own record, who might? I have 3 choices for this one, going with Luke Harper, Braun Strowman and Brock Lesnar. Keeping in mind that Reigns breaking the eliminations record was much-talked about before his push really began, it could be said that the 2014 Rumble was a coming out party, of sorts, for him. Perhaps for one of the Wyatts, the 2016 edition will serve a similar purpose.

Most eliminations in the Rumble (cumulative). Good luck with this one.

The current record total is 43, held by Kane (and his alter egos). Behind him? 2 WWE Hall of Famers, so no likely challenge there. The man currently in fourth? The Undertaker, someone whom I’ve opined could be a surprise entrant. But, he’d need to eliminate 9 men to claim the record as his own (and Kane, should he enter, would have to eliminate no one). Big Show is 13 behind a tie, 14 for the record. HHH would need 15 to tie, or 16 to break it. Both would be hard to fathom, especially since the single Rumble max is 12. Speaking of 12, the man who did that, Roman Reigns, currently has 18 eliminations total. He’d need 26 eliminations in order to break the existing record-so I feel that if this one is broken on Sunday, there’s a very slim chance it’s by Reigns.

So, when the dust settles on Sunday night, have any new records been set?

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  • Damian Starr

    None of them need to be broken… but if it were one I would say Jericho just overtakes HHH only for HHH to come out at 28/9 to retake his title

  • biz

    Rey is signed with Lucha underground. I keep reading surprise entrant possibilities that are signed to other companies. Morrison, Rey, angle are all signed elsewhere. They won’t be making a return.

    • JMD

      keep in mind, nothing in the Lucha contract actually precludes them from wrestling elsewhere-unless they changed the language recently. when i interviewed the showrunner last year, he said exactly that…so it is possible. they have sort of open contracts, they were all free to work elsewhere, so long as they could still meet their lucha obligations

      that said, i know i wasn’t predicting morrison, and i only mentioned rey due to his records, not really thinking he’s coming back. but i have to think,if mcmahon wanted rey,even for a night,he can write a check big enough to make Lucha allow it.

      • biz

        Which is why Hernandez got in trouble and they had to pull a bunch of televised footage from tna last year? I’m pretty sure if they could go wherever they wanted them Hernandez wouldn’t of gotten in trouble for going back to tna.

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