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WNZ Open Season: Rumble’s Final Four?

Sort of the opposite question on how the Rumble will start. It seems that more often, we get a final four in the match and have things sort of re-set, to make the ending that much more dramatic. So who could be the final four in this year’s rumble? I will offer up 5 men who I think have a shot to be the last men standing in the 2016 Rumble.

1. Brock Lesnar. It’s no sure thing that he will even be in the Rumble, as I write this on December 31st he’s not. But, I presume he will be, so that he can fight to become the number one contender and possibly square off against Roman Reigns. It just makes too much sense.

2. Hunter Hearst Helmsley. This one I was on the fence about including, because while I think it would make storyline sense, since Hunter wants to get revenge on Reigns, it also might not. For one thing, Hunter IS The Authority. So if Hunter wants a shot at Reigns, Hunter can book himself in one. Simple as that. For another, Hunter the businessman seems to know what’s best for business, and unless his goal is to build up and get over Roman Reigns at all costs, I don’t know that his ego will need to be stroked so badly that he’d take a final four slot at the expense of a younger Superstar. But perhaps I give him too much credit.

3. Kevin Owens. He had quite the 2015 campaign, holding the NXT title and later the Intercontinental strap as well. Why not have him contend for, or at least appear to contend for, the WWE title? It could be an interesting matchup, Owens and Reigns. I certainly think fans would get their money’s worth, though I think Owens in the main event of WrestleMania is probably a year or two away still. But he certainly deserves being in this final group.

4. Alberto Del Rio. The current United States Champion has won the big belt before, so he’s certainly worth considering. While Sheamus is the most recent former champion, I think many fans would rather see Del Rio challenging for the title as opposed to The Great White. I am among them, as I think Mexico’s Greatest Export is a better wrestler and a better promo than Sheamus, and even if he wouldn’t beat Reigns, I think Del Rio could have an excellent match with Roman.

5. Dean Ambrose. Yes, WWE gave us Dean and Roman in the tournament finals, but could you imagine? I can hear the announce team now, speculating on Reigns versus Ambrose as we got to the final four of the Rumble. Between their history together, and Dean’s kamikaze style, this one could be quite an entertaining main event. I just don’t think it’s a tent pole type match at the moment, which is why I could see Dean being there, but not actually winning the whole thing. Yet.

Alright fans, who do you think should make it to the Rumble’s final four?

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  • Lisa

    I reckon Jericho will be in the final four. I think he’s gonna get a push this time around.

    • Mean Dean

      Doubt it, I think Jericho will go against del Rio for the US belt all the way to mania

  • Mean Dean

    I’m gonna shoot for Roman, HHH, Ambrose or The Rock more likely the Rock , and lesnar in the final four, with rock and lesnar eliminating eachother, setting up rock vs Brock at mania, and HHH winning setting up HHH vs Roman at mania

  • Mostafa Majzoub

    Reigns for sure
    Brock hunter depends if they will appear
    Id add jericho and wyatt maybe

  • fargsnalt

    You think Alberto Del Rio is a better interview than Sheamus? He can barely get out a coherent thought. Sheamus is actually not too bad on the mic.

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