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WNZ Open Season: Rusev – Cena II?

After the beating Rusev put on Kalisto on the final RAW before they tangle at Extreme Rules, one has to think that there’s a better than decent chance Kalisto won’t be champion come Monday night. And, one also can’t help but notice that a certain patriotic Superstar, who just happened to have one of the better US Title reigns in recent memory, is returning in just under two weeks.

And let’s not forget, Cena and Rusev have a history.

So, is WWE setting us up for another round of a Cena versus Rusev feud? And, if so, how do you feel about it?

First, I don’t know that they are-I am not sitting in on the Creative team meetings in Stamford. But one has to admit, things could be lining up that way. Cena returns on one of the most patriotic American holidays, and if a heel, a foreigner, is holding the US title, well, thrusting Cena into the title picture immediately upon his return wouldn’t exactly be unprecedented now, would it? Could WWE go in a different direction? Of course they could. But right now, I am going to say I have a feeling that Rusev wins the title on Sunday, and he then gets a shot at John Cena again soon.

As for my feelings on it? There are worse things in the world to endure, I suppose. I think, all things considered, the Cena-Rusev feud might have been undervalued or underappreciated at the time. Rusev is never going to be confused with one of this era’s more amazing talents, but he works hard and the USA/anti-USA storyline always seems to play well. It’s cliche, it’s been done in abundance, but yet it almost always works, so why not?

Maybe it’s too obvious, so they won’t do it. That’s what I am looking at. Maybe instead of Cena, they thrust Orton into that role, as patriotic Rusev-slayer. It could happen. WWE could opt to put anyone else out there. I know it doesn’t have to be Cena. I mean, look at the hotly contested Intercontinental Championship right now. There are three guys who would be excellent champions, and then there’s also The Miz. After Extreme Rules, if fans get their wish, someone other than Miz will be wearing that gold, but there’s still two others who will leave empty handed. There is nothing to stop WWE from having Cesaro change course and aim to knock the Bulgarian Brute down a few pegs, for example.

WWE isn’t always predictable, but often times they are. That’s why I will be anything but shocked if Cena returns and challenges for the US title, or if Rusev cuts off the American during his first promo back in order to set something up. And I will be OK with that. But if Rusev does indeed win on Sunday, and then for a new challenger WWE mixes it up and calls upon any number of fresher faces? I think everyone would be down for that.

WNZ readers, what do you think?  Cena-Rusev again, or something completely new and unexpected?

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  • ‘Drowen Hart #NN #NBNC ?????

    Cena and Rusev had good matches. After their storyline was over with, they did nothing positive with Rusev. I rather have something new and unexpected but my assumption is Rusev will win the US Title on Sunday, have an open challenge every week for the title (mocking Cena), and Cena wins the US Title in the Memorial Day Raw episode, rekindling their feud.

    • Zack

      Anything I could’ve said, you already have lol.

  • cp munk

    I’m really not a big fan of repeat fueds. There are so many guys both men can compete with that would be new and exciting. It wouldn’t be terrible for them to feud again but I’m not jumping at it. I’d rather they fight other ppl

  • MrEddyG

    Rusev doesn’t need to lose to Cena again. Give him a long run with the US title.

  • Mark B.

    Cena will have his hands full, when Joe hits the ring.

  • bigfoot3169

    I wouldn’t mind Rusev feuding with Cena as long as Cena doesn’t kill Rusev’s momentum. Cena almost always wins most of his feuds (except against CM Punk). If they decide Cena vs Rusev, let Rusev win the first 2 exchanges and then Cena wins his “last” chance and he can run with the ball.

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