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WNZ Open Season: Is Shane Bad For ‘Taker?

Wyatt Family
Shane McMahon returned to WWE on the February 22nd edition of RAW. Stunning enough, right?

But that wasn’t enough, so we got more. Shane sees how bad things are, and is returning to save the company. In order to do that, he needs and wants control of RAW.

And, he can have it.

If, that is, he beats Undertaker at WrestleMania, in a Hell In A Cell match.

I’ll be honest, folks. As I watched the segment, I was in disbelief when Shane’s music hit. We’ve all speculated for his return at some point-I think my last time was ahead of last year’s WrestleMania. We all pretty much guessed the appropriate angle: Shane versus his family, for control of the company. I don’t know that anyone expected him to be back now, or to be heading into such a match.

So, what next?

On one hand, we could keep the match as-is. The fan reaction was hot for Shane, and didn’t really go south with the announcement of Undertaker or the Cell match. Shane, though obviously not a full time wrestler at any point, has performed in the ring.

But, that was years ago. He’s a full-on businessman now.

So I am coming around to what many people are thinking. That at some point, between now and that fateful April day, Shane will appoint a proxy. Vince didn’t say he couldn’t, though it was pretty much implied that this was Shane’s fight. So we shall see.

But what about that other guy involved in this?

No, not Vince. The Undertaker.

Here’s a man who has worked for WWE for decades. He’s an instant main event star. His matches, especially over the last several WrestleManias, have been one of the big draws each year.

And virtually all of those matches were heavily built up. Usually we got an appearance, or teased appearances, or cryptic messages. There was some manner of buildup to the big reveal.

This time, there was none.

The other thing most of his last bunch of matches have in common? All were against future Hall of Fame wrestlers. As a McMahon, Shane is surely going to be enshrined, but no one would ever confuse his in-ring accomplishments for that of Shawn, Hunter or Brock.

Now, I am not knocking Shane. But after the epic battles he has recently had-2 each with HBK and HHH, the Streak-breaker against Brock and his rebound against Bray Wyatt-do we really want to see The Phenom do battle with Shane? It feels like a significant step down, regardless of the stakes.

And, more importantly, would Undertaker really even want that match? He’s spent the twilight of his career enjoying adored babyface status. Fighting for Vince, against Shane, absolutely puts him firmly in the heel camp. Would he want to do this?

There are many ways this can shake out. I’ll throw some out there…

Option 1-Undertaker appears and refuses to do Vince’s bidding. Vince “fires” him, and declares that Bray Wyatt will replace Undertaker. If not Bray, someone from The Wyatt Family, in all likelihood. Shane shows up at ‘Mania, prepares to enter the Cell, and then the gong hits.

Option 2-We get all of option 1, but well ahead of the show, so that WWE can market it to death.

Option 3-It stays as is, and we see Undertaker battle Shane

Option 4-Undertaker does the bosses bidding, but Shane does get a proxy.

WNZ readers, I myself am still not sure which way this goes. About the only thing I feel strongly about, is I doubt the match stays as Shane versus Undertaker.

What do you think?

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  • Mike

    I totally agree and have been saying this all along. Shane cannot face taker. It’s a huge step down for taker and taker fighting for Vince doesn’t make sense, I’ve heard someone saying he is defending the company, but he isn’t he is fighting for Vince. It’s not as if shame would disband the company in the storyline he wants to help and save it. Taker fights for no one but himself. He may just refuse or Shane will appoint a proxy as you say. Shane vs taker can only go one way. Undertaker wins we know that. However there are many more twists to this one yet.

  • Fat Owens Fat

    Shane’s going to pick The Rock to represent him instead. It should be Rocky vs Taker and I don’t think anybody would have a problem with Taker losing that match. The streak is broken, Taker should have retired a long time ago and its his love for paychecks that’s dragging him to the gym over the last few years. The guy is just going to end up like Flair eventually after he tarnishes his own reputation this way. As mad as I was at HBK leaving the biz when he had another decade worth of matches in him, I can see why he did what he did. The guy salvaged his reputation and left the building on a high note.

    But I’m sure Shane isn’t going to stay with the WWE. Its most likely a one match WM moment thing since all the wrestlers of the 90s have either retired or are injured or have other places to be at.

    • siddus

      So now Taker is on your list for people you don’t like.
      I’m struggling to figure out if there’s anyone you do like. Please list them. It shouldn’t be that hard as the list will clearly be very short. Or, as per usual, just dodge the issue and show your true colours as just a troll.

      • Fat Owens Fat

        Taker should have retired a long a– time ago. He is far from the wrestling shape as anyone would want him to be. The guy loses steam 10 mins into the match and is gasping for breath. Age has caught up to him, he better quit before his career graph resembles that of the Big Show or even Kane, once the dominating giants now limited to jobbing out to young talents every week as they shed their own bada– image from the past.

        Haha, I don’t dodge any issue. Its the Indy shmucks like you that run away from the points I raise which is rather uncomfortable for you to stick around and answer to. Wasn’t it you senor Troll that said there wasn’t a person on this site that matches the description I gave you the last time? LOL

        • siddus

          Claims to not dodge the question while dodging the question. I see no list. I’ll take that to mean that there isn’t anyone you can claim to actually like, which begs the question: why even watch if there’s nothing/no-one you like?

          • Fat Owens Fat

            I already mentioned in the last post to your buddy Drown Hart that two of the people i enjoy watching or rather enjoyed watching were HBK and the Rock. One came from the Independent crowd, the other was created by Vince. Two extreme sides of the same industry.

            “which begs the question: why even watch if there’s nothing/no-one you like?”
            Funny, given that I hardly complain about the WWE as a product anymore, I can say I watch it for entertainment as does everyone who pays to get those seats at the arena. I have grown up to realize that its not an actual sport and is just another soap opera where I can have my opinion as a viewer and not as a script writer unlike some of the Indy fangirls over here who like to destroy some other wrestler’s segment just because their guy isn’t in it.
            Secondly, given that most people on this website hate Vince and the current product, shouldn’t they(including you) be asking the same question you asked me?
            I watch the product for its entirety, hence why I have no current favorites. Most of the young crop of wrestlers are stuck mimicking wrestlers of the past. Its funny that when I mentioned how Ambrose was a SCSA wannabe, I got much flak. Yet, yesterday he came riding an Ambulance to the arena after taking a beating from Lesnar. What was that about Cena 3.0 again?

    • PlanoStu

      After “Once in a Lifetime 2″, supposedly the studios won’t allow the Rock to wrestle for fear of getting hurt again. Now, with that said, he could interfere in the match helping Shane win.

      • Fat Owens Fat

        That’s all hokum. As much as I like the Rock, I’m going to say the insurance company stuff is just made up because the Rock doesn’t really want to have an active wrestling career anymore. I’m going to go as far as to say that injury with the second Cena match was kayfabe.
        If and when the opportunity presents, and for the right opponent or cause(storyline) he will probably jump back into the ring without a hitch. That whole Rock and Ronda segment against HHH and Steph and the whole Rock and HHH badmouthing segment from the Authority’s office has to lead somewhere eventually. If the Rock was done with the wrestling career, they’d waste no time to induct him into the HOF given that Austin/Edge etc are already in there. Somewhere, the WWE knows there’s a potential match or two left in him.

  • siddus

    To suggest that this is a step down for Taker is a complete over-think of the situation. Whether or not Shane picks a proxy (which I don’t think will happen as that would deft the stipulations, he’ll simply have interference on his behalf) this will be an extremely entertaining match. At the end of the day that’s all that matters. It’s not like Taker needs to worry about his booking going forward as, with his legacy, results cannot affect his status at all.

  • Mizanur Mowla

    The bottom line is Taker deserves better opponent then Shane. Specially shane hasn’t been in a ring more then half a decade. At WM taker always give A+ matches specially at least last few years. If wwe can come off with some way some how book Taker vs The Rock or Jhon Cena that would be an epic WrestleMania star power match. Also even though Taker lost his streak at WM he can’t afford to lose another match at Mania before he officially retires from the ring. Taker vs Shane completely doesn’t make any sense. Shane vs Bray Wayte would make much more sense.

  • PlanoStu


  • biz

    In the McMahon segment they seemed pretty clear that Shane has to fight. Not sure why people think that he will find someone to rep him. This isn’t donald trump after all.

    I also feel that taker will come out next week and basically say he doesn’t answer to Vince but that he doesn’t like Shane either so he will do it.

  • CommonSense

    I think Shane can give a good match with Taker….but it isn’t going to be a Taker level A+ match. They can do watever they want in HIAC…so there will be some good spots in the match from shane…
    As per the win and loss… I think Taker will go over and be the man that stands for/with the WWE(or vince) no matter what….then Taker comes out next night on RAW and says he is done everything for vince(WWE) so he is hanging up the boots for good….

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