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WNZ Open Season: No More Slammys!

Right off the bat, I’ll clarify the headline. I am not, in any way (currently) advocating for the cessation of the annual, somewhat farcical WWE “awards” show. Not now. Maybe later, but not now.

What I am advocating for? Stop bringing the awards out AFTER they’ve been awarded. For some reason, as I was watching the first RAW of 2016, this really irritated me. Neville bringing it down? The Usos? Kalisto?

To quote the last wrestler who I think used Slammy Awards as part of his gimmick successfully: “Enough is enough and it’s time for a change!”

Yes, I went there. I quoted the gone too soon Owen Hart. But the quote fits, and my statement is true enough. Owen was the last wrestler-perhaps the only one-to win Slammys and successfully integrate them into his schtick. And maybe it’s because he’s deceased, that I want that constant parading of Slammys to die with him-I don’t know. I don’t think that is why, but it’s possible.

But I will say this. Having multiple guys do it? Looks dumb. There’s no sugarcoating it. It just looks dumb. Especially if they are all babyfaces, which they are. A heel? He’s gloating, and eventually we all expect the statue to be employed as a foreign object. Both points fit the heel persona.

So, for the future, I am begging WWE and it’s talent. Please stop bringing your Slammy Awards to the ring. We get it, you won them. Congratulations. Move on. Do you see any other famous award-winners carrying around their little statuettes? No, you don’t. No one carries around a Grammy or an Oscar or even an MTV Moon Man. And do you know why? Because it would look absolutely ridiculous and they’d be (justifiably) ridiculed to no end.

Please, WWE. End the Slammy parade.

WNZ readers, am I crazy? Do you like these guys trotting out their Slammys, weeks after the show?

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  • mitland

    Completely agree.

  • The Shockmaster

    They’re parading their respective Slammys at the moment because its part of their current feuds. Once the feuds are over, the Slammys will stay at home.

  • siddus

    I suspect this is actually a directive from above, rather than personal choices of the wrestlers.

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