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WNZ Open Season: Sting & HOF

WWE Hall of Fame
News came out on Monday that Sting would be inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame for 2016. And with the news, I had two thoughts.

One was, it makes sense. Ever since he was brought into the WWE family, it was a foregone conclusion that, following his brief in-ring run, he was going to be rewarded with a spot in the WWE Hall of Fame. No argument there, though of course his induction is entirely based on what he accomplished as a WCW star, and he’s only going in because WWE bought WCW.

Second is, I kind of feel like he cannot headline the Hall’s Class of 2016, because while he accomplished a lot in WCW, he has virtually no success in WWE.

Yes, I am sure people are now shaking their heads at that statement, but let me explain it. I know WWE owns WCW content, same as they own ECW and other groups they’ve purchased along the way. And while WCW was the big competition for a while, to me it just feels wrong in some way to make a WCW mainstay the headliner of the WWE Hall of Fame. Perhaps wrong isn’t the right word? It’s entirely possible. But in this case, if Sting is deemed the main inductee, I still maintain that WWE needs a strong undercard, or some major WWE lifer going in as a co-headliner. Sting isn’t Hogan, he isn’t Flair-both of whom enjoyed successful runs in both companies, and who’s induction into the WWE Hall of Fame would have happened whether or not WCW had ever been bought (though Flair would not have gone in a second time in that case).

So while I have no issues with Sting getting a deserved honor, I am looking for WWE to make another fairly big induction in this year’s class. If that happened to be a really big name, or someone from Texas? It would just sense. And for what it’s worth, while I would think it would be awesome to see Undertaker as that really huge name, I think someone like JBL would also be deserving of the nod for what he’s done, and being a Texan as well. Not as big, but still would be a strong inductee.

WNZ readers, who do you think should join Sting as a main inductee? Or do you feel like he is worthy of having the spotlight all to himself?

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  • MikeLo #NewNation

    Of course he’s worthy

  • ‘Drowen Hart #NewNation ??

    Let him have his own spotlight. Doesn’t everyone get their own spotlight anyways when they’re inducted into the WWE HOF.

  • El Marichachi

    I can’t believe you wrote this article. Of course he deserves a spot.. Headlining

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