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WNZ Open Season: Braun Strowman’s Ceiling?

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Here’s something I’ve been pondering, ever since Braun started to tangle with Big Show.

What, exactly, could his ceiling be?

Where does WWE see him going?

Initially, he came in and destroyed anyone in his path. WWE built him up as this imposing, immovable figure. And, let’s be honest, he is definitely a big, imposing guy. But, if size was the end all, be all, it would be Big Show breaking Ric Flair’s title record, not Cena (or HHH, who is now almost as close). But, while he’s still damn hard to get off of his feet, it’s hard not to notice that he’s mostly the imposing backup. He’s not wowing fans and critics by having awesome solo matches.

I grant him this one item. He’s green. Very green. It’s not his fault that he had the look and size that WWE wanted or needed for the newest Wyatt. He did not get the benefit of a controlled development like so many others get. No time in NXT, no time off camera to really learn how to work.

Which begs the question….does WWE ever expect him to get there? Or are they basically admitting that he’s destined to be a one trick pony, an act that plays as long as The Wyatt Family does, but once that gimmick is dead and gone, so too may be Strowman’s career.

I’ve seen it via social media, and/or the comments on WNZ-so forgive me for not giving credit where it is due, but I’ve seen someone basically say that Strowman is this generation’s Snitsky. Which is either really harsh, or really accurate. Though, honestly, I say he is Ogre. If they were re-booting Revenge of the Nerds? He’s Ogre. No question about it.

So which is it?

Some guys come up and get protected for a while, during which time they grow into their role and then have it expanded. Case in point, Diesel. However, Kevin Nash had plenty of prior experience in the ring before entering WWE to play Big Daddy Cool-so taking their time with him wasn’t truly needed, developmentally. But could Strowman take a similar path? Could he get a chance to work more and grow into a more prominent role?

I don’t see it, and I think many others don’t as well.

For me, he’s a big upper body (sorry man, his legs just look out of proportion). A big beard. A crazy stare. He doesn’t work the mic (though he doesn’t have to). For a big guy, his finisher is kind of…lame? Simple? A big bearhug/sleeper, that doesn’t look all that terrifying, and the move is made or broken by the guy in the hold. I mean, at least give the guy a more terrifying power finisher, no? Bring back a Razor’s Edge type move. Get creative with a chokeslam variant. Gorilla press slam. Something to show of his power, that’s not too much to ask, no?

But once the Wyatts go their separate ways, it’s hard to see where Strowman fits, if anywhere, beyond mid-card. A feud with Big Show could actually be his peak, and that is something that seems imminent. It would be kind of disappointing to say you peaked less than a year after your debut.

WNZ readers, what do you see as Strowman’s ceiling?

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  • MikeLo #NewNation

    Wonder when he’ll have a funny gimmick like Khali and Brodus ??

    • ‘Drowen Hart #NewNation ??

      Strowman Kiss Cam ???

      • MikeLo #NewNation


  • Mike

    He uses a different move as a finisher too. It’s like a power bomb into a reverse drop. Hard to describe but he has used it a few times. The bear hug sleeper is nicely modified to trap the arm it looks intimadating enough. I like strowman he is fairly agile for a big man, or a giant man anyway. He has a good look about him. He needs to train and improve in the ring, we don’t really know his mic capabilities right now, I would assume they’re not great. However I am sure we will see.

  • ‘Drowen Hart #NewNation ??

    I have never seen anyone here compare Strowman to Snitsky. He has the look, he just lacks the experience. I think it’s too early for him to get a singles push. When Kevin Nash went to WWE as Diesel, he was protected a little bit at first and Nash has admitted that it wound up working for him since he got to see and learn from Shawn Michaels wrestling. Have Strowman go on that route for a while if they’re planning on him to be a singles wrestler from now on.

  • Damian Starr

    I see a pink slip waiting for him when the wyatts split up…

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